Impressum / Datenschutz

After all the years we're very sad to tell you guys that we have to shut down

We want to say "THANK YOU!" to all of our supporters which made this whole project possible over all the years ❤️


Contribute and Upload

We need you!
This site wouldn't be such a great vray material resource without the help of our community! People from around the world put there knowledge and love into their materials and uploaded them to our site to help and inspire others.

If you want to contribute to this site too just follow these simple steps:

  1. Download our Sample scene for Vray and 3DSMax here sample scene
  2. Load the scene and apply your material to the sample object.
  3. Adjust the material if necessary (for lighting and stuff)
  4. Render the image with the preset settings.
  5. Save your render with a suitable name that represents your material (e.g. dark grey concrete, fine red leather, brushed steel)
  6. Save your material as a single library, give it the same name
  7. OR save the max file using the same name
  8. Send everything including all texture files, the sample render image and either the max-file or the .mat library file to this email address:

Important: Please be 100% sure that you own the rights on the created material and texture files. We must not publish textures or data that is protected by copyright. By submitting your material to us you agree that it is free to use, private and commercially for everyone. We will never sell or further distribute your creations except via download on our website. Thank you for supporting our free material resource! Enjoy what other users have already created for you.

If you wish to remove one of your own created materials, send us an email to