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  Zebra_blue by 0utsider

Category V-Ray 1.5 Special
Date 2006-09-01 21:28:20
Rendertime 00:10:18
System Dual Xeon 3.2 Nocona, 2GB DDR
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Chrome material with transparent blue stripes

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l.bua wrote: Thank you.

edwingad wrote: tnx

anushka517 wrote: thank you

jtjeet wrote: Nice Effect

mensrea wrote: good material

tahazubair wrote: nice material !

alfodiseño wrote: genial

houssam-art wrote: 7

1-man_crew wrote: simple but fine

Davious wrote: really nice material thanks

basonis wrote: 10

petitcontrat wrote: very impressive material

frank1314 wrote: good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rickyforgive wrote: nice

beam1987 wrote: NICE

silent909 wrote: Looks very nice!

chandni wrote: nice

sai_rise wrote: REALLY OUT STANDING!!!

alt_77 wrote: nice

ree_max wrote: rami


lorenzobettega wrote: Luxurious!!!

lorenzobettega wrote: Luxurious!!!

JAVIER25 wrote: muy bueno

0utsider wrote: Hi guys! High rendering time depends on rQMC noise threshold set to 0.005 (vray 1.5 default value)

Dominik.Martinez wrote: cool..not sure what it can be used for, but cool....

bill wrote: 00:06:48 (not exactly fast) a hilairiously over-the-top material but that is, of course, the point :) give us more!

bluebyte wrote: good!

samaursa wrote: render time a bit high, no?

JuliusCaesar wrote: Very good

visualride wrote: Tripindicular. Thanks!

dogimo wrote: nice looking :) thx

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