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Another Skin (with goose bumps)

  Another Skin (with goose bumps) by Mirko

Category Organic
Date 2007-02-28 18:18:11
Rendertime 00:06:01
System AMD X2 @ 2,4 GH
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 8
Comment This is another skin material.
It is a fully procedural multi-layered material.

Main features:
- fully procedural
- veins are shining through
- goose bumps
- hair (controlled by goose bumps)
- moles

You need to put the Map in the Displacement-Slot (Material) into the dispacement modifiers.

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sidpus wrote: How do you use this material? Mine just looks pink with moles and no hair

sidpus wrote: How do you use this material? Mine just looks pink with moles and no hair

Silente wrote: Very good

Cryther wrote: very ugly! But nice work!!!

bernardosg wrote: I dont know why... I think you should upload your bitmaps along with your material... you should do this by compressing all folders... This is because I have downloaded several materials and cant apply them because of a missing map or missing dll

shadowcrane wrote: a little freaky... but well done it!

igancio wrote: nasty but very good material!

CrayolaGirl wrote: V. Nice, but maybe goosebumps could be closer and more irregular. Cool idea tho :)

aimandshoot wrote: realistic balls material. AWESOME. thx

Mirko wrote: @capp: LOL - you are a good man :-)) THX!!!

martian_aphid wrote: very good work :D

capp wrote: goose bumps ? oder vielleicht doch "schambereich" ? :-x looks great !!!

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