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 Skin Zombie

  Skin Zombie by capp

Category Organic
Date 2007-02-28 14:45:21
Rendertime 00:56:15
System dual xeon 2,8
Vray version 1.49
3dsmax version max8
Comment a zombie shader...i dont had the time to finish this one, but uploaded anyway...

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compadre wrote: nice

mariafouli wrote: thank u :)

Ozderf wrote: wow, I'm impressed... keep up the artwork

teknomancer2008 wrote: nasty looking, but thats the point!

niwatori-sama wrote: Thank you !

Samer2006 wrote: thanks

Tommy.S wrote: kkti ja cse chci odhlasit :-/

greg6666 wrote: o_o O_O X_X O_O o_o

amirsaman2 wrote: great

nibakung wrote: This is a nice one

dioxyd wrote: lol, scary one! But it could be better with a bigger texture I think. Btw, I love your strawberry work.

ekineminem wrote: For WOW?

enigmaenigma wrote: wow man!! that´s perfec material!!! yeah!!

sazismail wrote: gud stuff man... keep up the brilliant work :-)

_Lightbulb_ wrote: Aaaaaaaah...moooore brains... :o-)

GUNSumoto wrote: Yahhh! Beeee! Nnot enough blood... But it's my opinion. 10!

arkazar wrote: one word .... AMAZING

moonmarcus wrote: extremely 'terrible" one ! It will be better if there's some maggots and a little blood on it. Wow

Orlando wrote: it´s really good. Though i have to say i would´ve liked it even more if it had some blueish tone and some yellow and black stains (i mean two different type of stains :P). Something to give it a "grangrene" look. It´s still awesome of course.

CrayolaGirl wrote: Eeeeww

Engineer74 wrote: oh i see sorry

Engineer74 wrote: why cannot i vote ?!?!

Need_Help wrote: Ok, this is really nice :p Btw, if you change the skin colour to normal skin colour, it looks like injured skin too ;)

Osprey wrote: Wow! Awesome skins! And... Michael Jackson skin? ;)

jojo1975 wrote: can we see it in a real zombie ? ;)

martian_aphid wrote: i hadnt even taken that much notice of this skin competition till these popped up

Will wrote: HOUAHHHH!!!! I am jealous.... Good works ;)

martian_aphid wrote: very nice material good luck

rmejia wrote: wow !

Mirko wrote: Ok Capp. Stop spamming this community with your incredible, perfect, insane, awesome, best ever seen skin shaders!!! We all know who will get the first price ... you do not have to proof any further. ;-)

Need_Help wrote: you are really good at making materials, I must admit that ;) (and I think you will win this contest again, last time its you who get the 1st prize.....)

Marco wrote: HOLY SH******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!! BEST EVER!!

Banshee wrote: OK thanks Capp. Now I feel really sick. Those wounds&worms are just too much for my stomack :)))

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