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 Skin cuts

  Skin cuts by capp

Category Organic
Date 2007-02-28 14:38:52
Rendertime 00:43:38
System dual xeon 2,8
Vray version 1.49
3dsmax version max8
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aliandart wrote: Thanks

jiggerator wrote: awesome!

SONNI_1 wrote: greattt!! 10

martinrexbg (BANNED) wrote: yo man , fix it

agustinsant wrote: just great

baezdiego wrote: 10

baezdiego wrote: Muuuy bueno!!! materiales como estos no se consiguen facilmente

steve_skittles wrote: its amazingly disgusting!!! love it

james1 wrote: 100%

capp wrote: @DJpantera and blackrrp why ? it exist the same material without those cuts on this site. i´ve made more than this one.

blackrrp wrote: yea..can u try knock out the cut? looks great anyhow!

DJpantera wrote: it would be better if you make the skin without the cut...

gamedoly wrote: Very Very Very!! COOOOOl~~~

JooEun wrote: This is so life like. Great talent.

GrummDrigg wrote: nice mat!! it looks like p*nis 8)

goldshadow1 wrote: Gross! I like it! 10 ;)

miragemig wrote: great job indeed!!

letmefragyou wrote: You sir, have skill

CrayolaGirl wrote: whoa

Banshee wrote: hehe capp, very nice example you´ve got there... ;)))

capp wrote: sorry

capp wrote: @jojo1975 It has SSS. It´s an refractive SSS fake, but works great with backlights ! i dont use real sss anymore since i tried the refraction sss, it looks greater with shorter rendertimes. take a look at this example wich is rendered with that SSS [url=][img=][/url]

jojo1975 wrote: it's a very good material the 9 is due because it's a bit too dark, no exit color and high render time for not being SSS. the procedural map are great and also vein mask good job capp :)

fjrentas wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

Asidpk wrote: Sweet

jojo1975 wrote: Veins and cuts are good , but dont' judge me worng isn't this skin too dark ? does it look brighter in a real rendering ? since it's 43 minutes rendering I guess it uses SSS

yunus wrote: Very very good.

martian_aphid wrote: he must have carved himself up and taken a photo, very realistic

Need_Help wrote: My opinion, although the cut looks good, but I think the 'borders' of the cut is a bit 'higher' than the uninjured skin, looks like a 'slope' beside the 'river'

sokratas wrote: ok, capp, I hope you'll paint us even more nice maps with your new wacom :)

Username wrote: omg that is good. that is the best skin i have seen so far. thank you capp for this. can we download this tomorrow??

Banshee wrote: Those veins and cuts look almost TOO real. ;))

Banshee wrote: WOW!!!!!!!! :))) Capp you´re my hero.

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