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 Skin Cancer

  Skin Cancer by capp

Category Organic
Date 2007-02-28 14:34:38
Rendertime 00:37:01
System dual xeon 2,8
Vray version 1.49
3dsmax version max8
Comment another mix of procedurals and handpainted maps...
btw all my skin-shader comes with (refraction) sss

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LOL500 wrote: It looks gross.

jokerfrown wrote: this post gave me cancer

dhierel wrote: ok chevere

Meklon wrote: looks like melanoma

headbuster wrote: sugi dude you should be banned! ------ For the material..nice but puke :P

sugi (BANNED) wrote: I like to masturbate to skin cancer

youmolobors wrote: magnifique

hellblazerjj wrote: amazing.. realy looks sickening :D

icchan wrote: ew ew ew ;P nice!

akhdar_abdallah wrote: Excellent

crib wrote: eca!!

Banshee wrote: @Need-Help: Why delete your files? Even if capp wins with his shader, there are still other prices :))

capp wrote: its a mix from "cancer" and "Acne" ;-) you can use for both !

Need_Help wrote: Actually I want to make this, but when I see you had made this, I deleted my files. Btw, skin cancers shouldn't have white 'points' at the 'top', it should be blood colour (I found many pictures of it a few days ago, if you want to see it, I can PM it to you ;) )

Username wrote: disgusting perfection !!

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