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ancient mirror

  ancient mirror by toscy81

Category Architecture
Date 2007-02-28 11:55:34
Rendertime 00:04:24
System pentium dual core 3,4 ghz 4 gb ram
Vray version 1.49.03
3dsmax version 3d max 8
Comment ancient mirror but is good for rusted chromium plated metal

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Nadine.MHAMDAN wrote: thank you really appreciated


virtual archeo wrote: No map

Wodiiz wrote: nice

mikotron2019 wrote: Thanx very nice

tejal3d wrote: thanks

nono86 wrote: thanks :)

magictoast wrote: thank you!

mayato2011 wrote: very nice

Trapos wrote: Thanks

Slonashka wrote: ?????? ????????! ???????

marina_vivanco wrote: why is the mat empty?

CGAART41 wrote: thanks

edteach1680 wrote: does anyone have a working .mat for this? I have downloaded a couple times just in case and it's still empty.

2xbong wrote: thanks for sharing

netta22 wrote: :)

MWang2065 wrote: thx!!!!so nice

Abdiu01 wrote: There is only a texture

g.architect wrote: thank you

Nourah93 wrote: EMPTY .MAT

posturbanhuman wrote: ok

naznazay wrote: empty mat? :/

hpf wrote: very nice

aman_christy wrote: wow!

NezoM wrote: Empty Mat, Useless Download

entilalie wrote: thankyu

enzomatto wrote: EMPTY .MAT !

Icestiens wrote: Very nice.

leo2ldesign wrote: Thank you!

adata92 wrote: thanks

arcinos wrote: fantastic

Tony3D wrote: Thank you!

nikitina wrote: Nice!

haohao5248624 wrote: thank your so much

ggmedia wrote: Really enhanced my render, thank you 9 years later.

arcnoise wrote: Awsome

Metal Monkey wrote: many thanx

sum3r wrote: thanx

betultims wrote: thank you

gideon5017 wrote: Wow THANKS!!

ant74 wrote: Very nice finish.. great work!

yaya34 wrote: MÃœKEMMEL


sid_pandit2 wrote: DUde, thanks and your are awesome, i was fkin with my PC from last 2 hours, you save my day, thanks man

strano wrote: looks cool!!

mnavarro wrote: beautiful

coreaux wrote: incredible, thanks so much !

fredpaper wrote: Use it, great effect....

acmilancrazy wrote: awesome thanks!

Herman wrote: Very handy - old mirrors look very different than new ones. This saves a lot of time & work, thanks, Toscy81.

curtiss wrote: nice

joel_jafam wrote: i love it

ZiiGi wrote: Thx !

Demarest wrote: great work!

cybonic wrote: couldnt get it work on 3d max 2009?

finger_waverz wrote: amazazing!

donku wrote: yeah!!

mellorandscott wrote: great, really useful

imajtr wrote: real work

jbr wrote: really nice.. well done..

ligs84 wrote: Gracias :)

carlos_ar wrote: BUEN MATERIAL!!!

PeakN wrote: perfect for what i needed! thankyou

mazurek74 wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

Foster117 wrote: very nice!!! Thanks

henrytan wrote: good

chandni wrote: no words to tel it jsut great

enigmaenigma wrote: good material man!!

Hacktor wrote: Great :) good old reliable :)

irvingosorio wrote: great job

pixelbudah wrote: amazing work my friend

c1zone wrote: wonderlfull

mrmax wrote: Thanx

bokistev wrote: nice noise

_Lightbulb_ wrote: Very good idea!! ;o-)

guze wrote: nice mat! thanks =)

moonmarcus wrote: so kool ^_^

toscy81 wrote: ma guarda che teste di cazzo questi che mettono i voti cos'ì bassi....

octopus7 wrote: very professional material - thankyou!

toscy81 wrote: @sash ?????

toscy81 wrote: @sash ?????

SASH wrote: I'LL FIND IT )))))))))

martian_aphid wrote: handy for a arc student, ooh like me :D thanks

Banshee wrote: creative Idea, nice for architectural designs and well processed. 10 from me.

Marco wrote: WOW! I really like it! Thanks!

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