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  Fabric by yunus454

Category Cloth
Date 2007-02-27 08:06:39
Rendertime 00:05:09
System 3.59ghz Centerino, 3.5gb RAM
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Nice yellow golden fabric patten

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SENLIE77 wrote: thank you

simasher wrote: thank you!

yovie.andri wrote: nice material

abhimanyu95 wrote: ossum

rockrichard wrote: This's a breathtaking material

surabhi wrote: very nice material

lopezjoelene wrote: thanks!

NWD wrote: Thank you

trane1 wrote: brilliant !!

vhanqruz wrote: Thanks to up loader ...

susumaster wrote: thanks!

ahpmario wrote: good

mikengss wrote: Excellent, Thank you

dajr22 wrote: nice

abdosalah wrote: very nice

kheiro wrote: thank you

Moneysha wrote: thank u

omen000 wrote: from philippines with love nice bro

chenan wrote: nice

meteorl4l wrote: Thank so much

ali57 wrote: very good

PAATO wrote: nice

bahador wrote: very good

vincentanthony25 wrote: nice!

archizu wrote: nice one

totti1001 wrote: i like

Furkystyle wrote: sagolasin

jusamorg wrote: nice thanks

Renovati01 wrote: :O so good very good ty :D

nnhai1974 wrote: thanks, i like it

angelitry wrote: thanks yunus nice material! :)

mamama260188 wrote: I love it!! Is So Vintage!! Thank you

carloslopez wrote: Thank you, its really useful

RAFAELMG wrote: gracias por el material. thanks for the material.

rafadetuc wrote: veamos..

Maddy47 wrote: Really nice material....

trushar_31 wrote: very good

tonmoy01033 wrote: like a boss

Snake159 wrote: Great! 10 points

silmo wrote: nice work!

vanhulfanne wrote: tnx for the great texture and the great tutorial...without people like you it would be very hard to learn vray...next? autocad bro ;-)

archamer wrote: andicuala brought me here

KelvinKhiew wrote: NICE!

dody21 wrote: my rate for this material 10 points

papaboomboom wrote: good job

khalorisz_03 wrote: thanks a lot for this site, i can pratice with the tutorial ive dowloaded using this material

rbetancourt91 wrote: Practicing with this material in a tutorial. Excelent!

elfen92 wrote: Thanks a lot

carammilla wrote: thanx

cherkialicia wrote: very nice

bronzka wrote: very cool

Vlado wrote: very cool material

andikacyber wrote: Nice Material Sir... thz

why_notq wrote: very cool

dikshya shrestha wrote: when i download material it is downloaded in zipped file n not able to use it how do i solve this problem

dikshya shrestha wrote: when i download material it is downloaded in zipped file n not able to use it how do i solve this problem

gado boy wrote: muy real

melihcanisikli wrote: great

travisviet wrote: reallygood texture thanks for sharing

Raymond Watkin wrote: this look great

amitbunker wrote: i like it

Vintage Architect wrote: thanks

AdanVC wrote: nice material thank you!

bvaya wrote: exellent !!

Mr. Podobny wrote: sweet as material

hugo1787 wrote: very nice material i like

haziel wrote: bien!!

nazrinajjar wrote: nice fabric texture

icko wrote: very nice material good for learning vray

youri1312 wrote: this material is nice

wil1571 wrote: Thanks for this very nice mat, am learning to use vray atm.

gilenomasc wrote: Justamente o que eu estava procurando! Muito obrigado!

gilenomasc wrote: Justamente o que eu estava procurando! Muito obrigado!

marvinlibra wrote: tks!

obine_choi wrote: keren boss boleh ambil kan..

ram_1221 wrote: thnxx

ting_ho2008 wrote: good

glitch404 wrote: learning..thanks

google73 wrote: thanks

fontejonl wrote: tnx

sistrakova wrote: following tutorial , trying to learn how to use vray ..

deski1574 wrote: good

simoni wrote: Nice

gonportnoi wrote: great! i'm looking for a long time

icotarigan wrote: good.........

teio_famous wrote: great

siningnienci wrote: nice yellow golden fabric.

jovert825 wrote: nice

kttupaz wrote: nice :)

galbancito wrote: cojonudos vienen muchos materiales de textil

h417451361 wrote: These materials provided by friends, thank you very much!

elrond_alsem wrote: cool

olguncan wrote: eline sağlık

jackihae wrote: haven't try yet but look nice

fa-mo wrote: thank you

chandni wrote: dam cool

rKy wrote: very good but some times looks like plastic... ut great job.. thanks for share it

peyzaj60 wrote: helal sana kardeÅŸ

the maxy wrote: really remarkable ..

frontoza wrote: Nice

mito_0101 wrote: Excellent work.

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