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  lace_curtain_01 by blage77

Category Cloth
Date 2007-02-27 00:00:13
Rendertime 00:36:34
System P4 2,4
Vray version 1,50
3dsmax version 8
Comment lace_curtain_01

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cityinthemoon wrote: superrrr

romeiro wrote: Very nice curtain!

willianvilarins wrote: 123

msvera wrote: thankx

nyirko22 wrote: cool

katysha wrote: Beautiful perfect! Thank you :D

HASMET49 wrote: fafafafa

mariomshelly wrote: I hope it will work fine..its my first time, thanks

Kotrin wrote: Thank you!

Calabazo wrote: It is a beautiful choice

lorens_vray wrote: Nice!

tazanali wrote: thanks very very much :)

vrayster wrote: wow.

woochow wrote: Superb :-)

wall_id78 wrote: Nice :)

underpee wrote: good!! Thank..

Charnjeev wrote: Fantastic, thanks a lot

Crina wrote: 10 points thank you

canenina wrote: thank you so much!

uturn wrote: cool

wilson1 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

RCCRD wrote: I love this material!!!!thanks

Katarina197 wrote: Beautiful :-))

annia wrote: really nice!

misskeki wrote: wow

snaily wrote: It`s so beautiful!

isnogud wrote: thanks

h417451361 wrote: These materials provided by friends, thank you very much!

ozgurunlu wrote: thanks

titso wrote: woot, looked like snake skin:P Impressiv:)

fa-mo wrote: thank you

bigeyedfish wrote: pretty cool, thank you!

gnarkill wrote: Cool!! Thanks a lot!!

jelena wrote: Thank you!

malexicar wrote: good!

chandni wrote: ok i manage to downlode it well thanks a lot yar

chandni wrote: its nice but i could not downlode it ?

murtazasimari wrote: god bless you

hurell wrote: Really amazing

hiepmeo wrote: very nice!!! it's useful 4 me

sokratas wrote: !

Shtirlitz wrote: man, you are wizard!

V-Raymond wrote: Thanx,dude! Just what I was looking for!!Great opactity map!

so040988 wrote: Nice

so040988 wrote: NiceMaterial!!!!!

deathcow wrote: It took a lot of starch to form that sample scene!

voyager wrote: Thanks a million ! You save my a$$ :) Great opacity map.

Flatshader wrote: thx, creative!

jkv wrote: i was looking for this kind of mat!

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