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Concrete Stucco Painted

  Concrete Stucco Painted by rmejia

Category Architecture
Date 2007-02-26 03:22:47
Rendertime 00:01:46
System -
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 8
Comment Concrete stucco bump for concrete walls. Color can be changed to desired wall color.

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lisamichelemerk wrote: thanks

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spartarch wrote: 10 points

snake+eyes wrote: Thanks !!

Marquijano wrote: Muy bueno

alexiskandar wrote: i work a lot with stucco , patine , glazing, stippling , and you got it looking nice

khanhsg1 wrote: bester

8dmind wrote: 10 points totaly!

arikar0712 wrote: nice one

justinjbee wrote: thanks alottt

justinjbee wrote: thanks alottt

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jediknight wrote: Lovely!

arq_pelr wrote: It's amazing. Belive me !!

christianliahut wrote: I can´t use the material in vray for Rhino

evdokia wrote: i downloaded the file but it doesn't have the layers of images to apply in vray, its simply the image displayed above..

fedekun wrote: Great!

fedekun wrote: Great!

davidplato wrote: thanks

Nikolito wrote: too much used in Argentina

Nikolito wrote: thanks for a usuefull material en Arq

tomcleng wrote: nice one..

tomcleng wrote: nice one..

pasqualeag wrote: really good work!

jinxson011 wrote: thanks

renderstudio wrote: a good material, useful and frequentrly required

anjanbarai wrote: Thank you very much

czarceno wrote: good job!

Danita wrote: very good

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kosten wrote: thank you

jafa_arq wrote: no puede ver como realizar el material

oscaros86 wrote: buenmaterial gracias

yiyoar wrote: muy bueno

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rizoma_arch wrote: señor este material esta increible, me lo bajo ya! gracias por compartirlo!

caleu wrote: basic 8 points

fergomon wrote: password >>...... ?? thank..

dsion wrote: very usefull

maxvray wrote: rated this material with 7. points

gspahr wrote: Great.

spotbit wrote: thanks i really need this material!!

aston_wolf wrote: very nice for interiors lowering a bit the bump. Very good as is for exterior. Well done and thx for sharing!

aidatabilin wrote: good one!

johnnyd wrote: very nice wall

ckonst wrote: nice!

LostSeb wrote: nice1

vrkv wrote: Super

pixelwks wrote: Good Job!

hittokiri wrote: Nice, thanks

fa-mo wrote: thank you

chandni wrote: coolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

hellblazerjj wrote: A decent white wall texture is suprisingly hard to come across, yet it is needed so often. Thank you so very much, you are a genius, Ive tried this in several other colors and it works perfectly. thank you.

hellblazerjj wrote: A decent white wall texture is suprisingly hard to come across, yet it is needed so often. Thank you so very much, you are a genius, Ive tried this in several other colors and it works perfectly. thank you.

[HP] wrote: Realy nice

irvingosorio wrote: excellent work, keep going.

mrmax wrote: Thanx

Pirog123 wrote: nice

OLGA wrote: Very completely and delisious

tzumby wrote: nice mat

gabrielvalencia01 wrote: I like it it's very nice.

flegos wrote: That is clearly nice material:)

ZeroJustice wrote: Your woul be make the same material for vray 1.47 is much compatible

ZeroJustice wrote: mmmm the problem is te version of Vray ... te 1.5RC3 is not very estable for ans consumer mush ram. PD: yo hablo español

rmejia wrote: Si, se habla español; pero preferiblemente ingles para que todo el mundo entienda.


mn4u wrote: nice

damir1803 wrote: Very nice

octopus7 wrote: cool, also reminds me of styrofoam tiles.

bloman wrote: its very nice to find a good material to share. ths

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