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Glass Dark

  Glass Dark by rmejia

Category Glass
Date 2007-02-26 02:57:10
Rendertime 00:05:19
System -
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 8
Comment Tinted glass.

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linshah33h wrote: ?????, ???????

nedalkarsh wrote: good job

katysha wrote: Beautiful perfect! Thank you :D

zolymadafaka wrote: Exactly what I needed. thanks!

taha.poonawala wrote: nice

shvnptl13 wrote: how do you use this?

arq_pelr wrote: Thanks.

jsvg00 wrote: Fantastic work!

dfbar wrote: bom

eniacoc wrote: goment aq

mikestancato wrote: Great material for window tinting. Thank you tons!

javs3 wrote: nice

avecesar wrote: Excellent!

pangman wrote: nice

chuyakas wrote: =)

lalla80 wrote: yuppy

mamanay wrote: thanks

big21 wrote: very good thanks

dcabrg wrote: great

Sitnalta wrote: I'm going to use this one for my microwave. Thanx

fudaryli wrote: very very nice work usefull


carq_zegers wrote: wou obra maestra

pixelsmoothed wrote: this is beautifully looked glass ))) thanks!

matiasm wrote: very good for a turn of tv, thanks

darthpoh wrote: Nice work!! Thanks for sharing it!!

dhoothi wrote: thnks

goldensox wrote: this is so delicious to the ey im givnig you a 9

maghol77 wrote: Very nice!

fa-mo wrote: thank you

osito148 wrote: Very GOOOOD Man

faiz0calicut wrote: Thanks Really Apprieate

chandni wrote: thanks very nice work

spuddi wrote: Compliment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanz to you!!

BunglesMcFungus wrote: good stuff!!

enigmaenigma wrote: yeah!! i will dowuload your material, i love it!! thank u!!

renny wrote: I am a bigginer and trying Vray , so iam not a professional to comment , But the guys who's uploading it have a nice heart , god bless them

externys wrote: good one (Y)!

ngochai wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

dezivn wrote: rated this material with 10p

uzi wrote: sweet :D

Murderdoll wrote: Ð?аиÑ?тина много добър материал... Really cool material...

shalofa123 wrote: i really really really like it .i will give it 10 of course

amarcudic wrote: fantastic

xtian146 wrote: excellent

aga wrote: very nice

kalatorul wrote: it-s a lil' bit better that other material on the same theme .. think it-s name BlackGlass

octopus7 wrote: great material!

octopus7 wrote: great material!

Gato08 wrote: Very nice!!!! :)

Will wrote: Nice

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