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  Mirror by rmejia

Category Metal
Date 2007-02-26 02:55:45
Rendertime 00:01:45
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 8
Comment A simple mirror material.

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rodrirui wrote: thanks a lot!

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veeru stark wrote: thank u

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yvhanns wrote: nice mirror

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o.k.112 wrote: thanks!

kaman0908 wrote: good

nowcj84 wrote: I can't apply it, it is VIS extension and nor VISMAT. i guess im doing something wrong. HELP!!

la_dividivi wrote: ten points!

seifnahali wrote: thanks

nika-lis wrote: thanks

kaisy_djeen wrote: I tried to make a mirror material by myself and there were grey stains all over it. Then I tried with this one and everything became normal. Cool!

ARQECH wrote: Cool !!

maddust wrote: very good one!

rajeshkunniyullathil wrote: very good

cachora wrote: thank you very much

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gast13 wrote: simple but nice


xtrix wrote: Exelente mi buen

DSAS wrote: Thank you !

selcom wrote: Don't like mirror in metal category. And it looks really mirror with simple setting, quite uncareful mat. piyasanin en iyisi bu

selcom wrote: best material

selcom wrote: good

nnq2603 wrote: Don't like mirror in metal category. And it looks really mirror with simple setting, quite uncareful mat.

KFunky wrote: Thanks a lot!

yenki wrote: thx

mobtsui wrote: THX

mobtsui wrote: THX

k13e6k5r wrote: Thank you.

yu0822 wrote: thanx!!

changyi wrote: I've been having trouble with Mirror Material .. like the one rmejia created, no offense, but doenst it look just alike with High Gloss Stainless Steel ?

anTonis wrote: koolio :) thanx

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K.F wrote: It's good to have all materials here but isn't this a little too much

aryaarchitect wrote: good material!

IgorS wrote: All these guys who create all the materials, you give a hand to each who enters here, you support 3d world developtment. YOU ARE THE BEST !

IgorS wrote: All these guys who create all the materials, you give a hand to each who enters here, you support 3d world developtment. YOU ARE THE BEST !

herg_1422 wrote: 10

phy880104 wrote: industrial design

canibaldo wrote: Really... really great work... very tnx

canibaldo wrote: Really... really great work... very tnx

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Warlock wrote: it's very useful mat. thanks a lot. i'll spent less time building mat.-s

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.:::one:::. wrote: tnx man !

alex2008 wrote: nice work........10 points

pilareta wrote: rated this material with 8pts

billosoto wrote: nice material....

OAVT wrote: great material,, but how to use it?

alekson20 wrote: rated this material with 8 Points

ligs84 wrote: Gracias :)

JoCal wrote: Used and will use some more tomorrow. Good work.

owncreate wrote: great and very useful

Factotumon wrote: Superb! Works in many scenarios.... thanks!

Lord Belgoroth wrote: great man helped with my first project of space ship :)

Madzik wrote: thx a lot

mazurek74 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

ikota wrote: Doh! I need it

Raime wrote: wow nice

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elersuga wrote: thank you so much^^

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cowartcefrine wrote: great

muro_bjk wrote: i dont make realist mirror what is this render options! help me

mailfer wrote: thank you!

kawaii wrote: definitely a very nice material with 9 points

sangguen wrote: 2

xlr8ed1 wrote: mirror works great thanks

reinoks wrote: it look more like polished metal , but greate wokt anyway !!! Maybe some1 can add mirror material with galss ... if it is possible ?

DJINN24 wrote: i love this

SASH wrote: I need more steel

kalatorul wrote: at last ... a mirror :D

Flatshader wrote: indeed very simple

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