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  Skin_Farinello0 by Farinello0

Category Organic
Date 2007-02-25 17:04:13
Rendertime 00:33:30
System DualDuron 64 X2 5000+ 2.61 GHz
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 9
Comment simply body skin

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hesha1 wrote: its beautiful

alex84daniel wrote: it doesnt work with vray 1.50 rc5 so didnt helped me at all

lorddarq wrote: subsurf scattering , kickass !

Farinello0 wrote: i'll hope ^^

Farinello0 wrote: i'll hope ^^

hulpesergiu wrote: looks hot hope it will help me

sarilla27 wrote: 10points

Farinello0 wrote: ty one more time ^^

beck wrote: best

Farinello0 wrote: TY ^^

Flatshader wrote: gratz to the second price

Need_Help wrote: @capp Maybe you didn't use HDRi, or any other rendering settings? (I always have GI, HDRi (real or fake), caustics, and some other settings that may improve the rendering result ;)

capp wrote: @need help if an material is renering about hour in THIS scene-setup, it dont means that the mat is rendering on a character slower in other scenes...i have made different materials that renders in this setut for long time (about 50 min) but in other scenes on other objects only 5-8 minutes ;-)

cryptocid wrote: normal time,intresting idea!

Need_Help wrote: If the material needs about 1 hour to render in this scene, I think I won't use it (especially for large model, like human, buildings etc.) because my PC will need to render it for hours or even days (if the scene is large) I think the best material is good looking, but rendering speed is under 30 minutes (but its rare, I know)

capp wrote: sorry, meant "all under 1 hour" :-D

capp wrote: @Need Help No, the rendertime is absolut okay ! a good looking material with sss (fake or not) can have heavy rendertimes. all above 1 Hour is exeptable in this scene-setup i think. better a good looking shader that renders longer than a bad looking one in shorter time. finaly, a good looking one have more changes to win ;-)

Need_Help wrote: Not bad, but I think the rendering time is too long. When you use a light material at the inner ball, it makes your skin not so good because it should have more pink colour and you are missing some 'small details' inside the skin ;) Btw, is your map seamless map? Thanks :)

Farinello0 wrote: TY! ^^ map

sokratas wrote: yes, this one is nice ! good idea with the glowing ball..

Will wrote: Ouah!!! Good Skin. Procedural or Map?

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