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Skin Pack

  Skin Pack by sokratas

Category Organic
Date 2007-02-24 20:14:13
Rendertime 00:11:16
System Dual P4 2591Mhz
Vray version 1.5 RC3
3dsmax version 9.0
Comment Firstly, let me say thanks to organizers of the contest. It was nice to remember some old techniques I used few yrs ago. It\'s all quite easy theese days using Mental ray or Brazil with their built-in skin shaders, while with VRay you still have to somehow cheat.
Going to the deal, I have tested a number of shaders, but at the end chose the simplest ones. They are quite usable, but really do not represent skin in all situations. I also include one with multiple specular layers, but this shoots render times out of orbit.. I add 11 more skin textures, which are not used here. But basically you can experiment with different bitmap settings in material editor.

I was testing with another scene, womans\' head, as I found this sample scene quite unwelcoming for skin. Firstly because of firm looking shape and also bit unusual setup in render settings. I would add a vray light and rotate the reflection map, however I tried to leave everything as it is, just changed the mapping of inside sphere to planar, displacement 2cm. And also it\'s rendered with light cashe, 500 samples.
ok, I\'ve really spreaded out here.. Good luck, have fun ! :)

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gabrekes wrote: great job, thanks man :)

Mysterio2018 wrote: Awesome. Thank you

cosmos2021xp wrote: NICE

Allien wrote: awsome job cheers!

delaimo13 wrote: great job man

Maurizio Bejarano wrote: nice job dude!

Tumzza wrote: cool

Cogu wrote: Nice Job

shadowcrane wrote: yeah.... you should have won something

Flatshader wrote: should have won also

chip-chop wrote: lol

Everlast123 wrote: gfg

sokratas wrote: :))

deathcow wrote: lol the scene object looks a bit like an obscene toy

Need_Help wrote: If you want to use a skin in a model, you must use maps (many maps) since some parts of body may have different type of skin colour/hairs. I think the skin material is not totally useful for a person if the person doesn't have programs like photoshop or paint shop pro to make the maps.

sokratas wrote: yes, jojo, if you use something like zbrush, you also use custom bitmaps. I believe it's impossible to create a shader for any type of skin, you simply need to control it with maps..

jojo1975 wrote: Idea is good but i dont' know how much this is usable for modelling a real "obj" you use something like zbrush, useful the settings for the glossy lips. cool the link of the legs

sokratas wrote: so ok, I gave you a link, check it. for me it's a good level of similarity ;)

Need_Help wrote: Do you test the pink colour on a human model? For me, I think the person will look like 'baked' and ready to eat lol :P If I use brown colour.....it looks like a roasted chicken and the pink colour looks like a kind of food for me..... just personal comment :P

Antarion wrote: 1

sokratas wrote: Yea, the pink looks a bit like pork butt to me too ;) But believe me, there are SO much variations in skin color (and other properties) you wouldn't believe. I took all the colors from references, like for pink it could be http://www.vatep.com/skin/0.jpg and you can see a zulu guy in my site on which ideas I did the brown. However I agree that these here do not reveal their properties and look kind of weird. Thanks for the opinion ! :)

Need_Help wrote: If you don't mind, I wanted to know whats the use of the pink colour and brown colour skin? (the brown colour 'skin' looks like wood for me) Or am I wrong? I think the part that I like is only your mouth..... the pink and brown colour skin is not realistic, no offence. (i can't find a part in the body that have brown / pink skin)

capp wrote: damn ! i had the same idea with the mouth :-( but now i will do something else. nice mouth bytheway ;-)

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