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Decomposed Skin [Seamless]

  Decomposed Skin [Seamless] by Need_Help

Category Organic
Date 2007-02-24 14:09:37
Rendertime 00:07:09
System Intel P4 3.20GHz, 1GB RAM, Windows XP
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 8
Comment Actually I wanted to add more stuffs (blood, worms, etc) but then I am worried about the render time. And the material is the main thing, so I just made a simple scene. The blood only appears at some places because its dried blood that left on the skin (rotten skin don't have blood). I hope you like it :) Comments are highly welcomed :)

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ppcool263 wrote: so cool

Ekichi wrote: handy) 10

voverrr wrote: абалденна!

lopi wrote: 10 for a decomposing painted wall, 5 for skin. so 7

Need_Help wrote: "I think the contest is a Human skin contest, not a Monster skin contest :)" The contest said 'whatever you can imagine on a human skin.' Is hero a human? (they are superhumans), so I think its still 'human skin'. This is still a human skin, do you see some skin called ' Zombie skin, strange skin, weird skin, scary skin etc.' If you think this is a monster skin, how about those?

yunus wrote: I think the contest is a Human skin contest, not a Monster skin contest :)

Need_Help wrote: http://media.movieweb.com/galleries/983/1876/lo/fantastic4_02.jpg I think this is the best example of 'it doesn't looks like skin' because it looks like rock, but as I mentioned, it can be used for some 'non-common human' such as heroes, ghosts etc.

capp wrote: co´mon, you can do it better...it dont looks like skin !

Need_Help wrote: Now I won't tell you the 'secret' behind it, it has many possibilities, such as cracks on the very dry area, or maybe its a mix of an injured area with some other maps. I will tell you how I did this material when the rating is over and the result came out ;)

sokratas wrote: Yea, but reveal as the secret - is the bitmap a photo of old paint ? ;)

Need_Help wrote: I think this skin is also suitable for (since so many people think that it doesn't look like skin, so I give some example): a) Zombie b) Superhero (like the 'fire man' in Fantastic 4) c) Anything, skin for a ghost also accepted ;) This skin is a bit general (best used for scary 'human'), so you can use it anywhere but its a 'human' skin, not suitable for animals.

gogator100 wrote: I think this looks like sort of rust metal for me rather than skin , btw good job. Keep going friend.

Need_Help wrote: Thanks for the comment btw, I will make the worms and such in another scene, not the preview since it wil make the rendering time not accurate ;)

Need_Help wrote: For your information, I uploaded the save file of the scene. When you want to use it, you can go to the Materials Editor, and select my Material then click 'Put to library'. Then you can use it anywhere and you can choose the library that you want to put inside ;)

chuckyp wrote: Hum...dont know about it being skin but it looks really good nonetheless and it renders damn fast! good work...please, do post the one with worms and such...

Need_Help wrote: Please give some comment so that I can improve it. I always like to hear comments but if there is no comment, it seems to me that my material is not good :(

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