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Human Skin

  Human Skin by CrayolaGirl

Category Organic
Date 2007-02-21 09:06:49
Rendertime 00:10:35
System Intel Xeon 5130
Vray version Vray 1.5
3dsmax version 8.0
Comment Detailed skin texture

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flvck00 wrote: amazing

glennfitz007 wrote: Thanks a million for the skin texture!!

Skips wrote: Thanks :)

Edmund wrote: Still Dont know how to use it, im still learning

leeyoung1989 wrote: Thanks

abdulkader wrote: nice work

NazTH wrote: One of my fav skin.

tysonlan wrote: thanks

Heathcliff wrote: Thanks for this material! It looks great and will be usefull for a learning purpose.

unyil wrote: thank you

happybluefrog wrote: Thanks :) Nice close skin

snowhill07 wrote: One of the best ive seen yet!

Cogu wrote: realy nice!

janani.raj wrote: fast one!

rogue007 wrote: looks very nice!

XYMan wrote: nice job, thanx

Banshee wrote: disabled one voting (10)

Banshee wrote: This voting will be deleted when the contest finishes.

Banshee wrote: Why voting for yourself in a contest?

CrayolaGirl wrote: Sorry, bit of a noobie. I don't know what SSS is? BTW, had to chuck in a vote for myself ;)

jojo1975 wrote: good work ;) does it use SSS ?

Farinello0 wrote: very nice!

yunus wrote: Nice Skin :)

chuckyp wrote: very fast to render too, amazing...

chuckyp wrote: i think it s the best one yet! good work girl!!

ghostcat wrote: it,s true. Ilike it too

Banshee wrote: nice one.... !

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