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Ceramic White

  Ceramic White by Gato08

Category Architecture
Date 2007-02-19 15:03:51
Rendertime 00:11:56
Vray version -
3dsmax version 8
Comment Ceramic

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nvgr wrote: nice, love it

oumhani wrote: thank you :)

angelorot wrote: tks

eslam_elziny wrote: thnks

emkasis wrote: thnks

tmdgus79 wrote: thanks nice materials

Irrederdrachen wrote: looks wery nice, thank for the material

CGAART41 wrote: thanks

designer90 wrote: ersdfhfg

louiesbuan wrote: thank you!

yung198011 wrote: thank you !!!

aana.fdez wrote: thanks!

Lele wrote: Beautyful!

syaras wrote: thanks!

chadaskari wrote: nicw

sebus7 wrote: nice!!

hpf wrote: thank you sooooo much

OssO_92 wrote: no material inside

taqiadden wrote: Thanks

vashabeeb1234 wrote: SUPER FULL POINT

Marenna 2016 wrote: 9 points

kokoszka1984 wrote: ok

Thia wrote: The material library doesn't contain any ceramic material...

duzoid wrote: No white Ceramic material, just a bunch of crap

luizaaf wrote: oi

ahmed007 wrote: thank's for helping me

liveonparadise wrote: thank you bro

amMUETE wrote: Thanks

bluening wrote: no white ceramic material inside

zeeeshanhaider wrote: no material in this library

blue_ashk wrote: no ceramic in the file bro

Piloy wrote: Hi, no ceramic in the file :(

yesasd wrote: Very Nice !!! Thanks

raymei2010 wrote: use it try me basin

samcala wrote: yes

salma_m wrote: nicee

fuimpa wrote: good job

pepe2003 wrote: rated this material with 8 Points

Assolle wrote: все что угодно, кроме болой керамики

byasa wrote: the material is not available

tamaraguzina wrote: there's no material

jbarvenky wrote: great

look_man wrote: thx .. great

leonghk wrote: nice 1

Michael218 wrote: nice

Maastm wrote: good material

maxtornado wrote: i like it

ongushi (BANNED) wrote: no ceramic material in the file

RodC wrote: Tkx Gato

TP wrote: theres no ceramic material in the file, opened in max 09

GGvray wrote: mucha gracias! es el primero que puedo utilizar correctamente!

AmneziA wrote: good! very important

sergeimport wrote: No material inside!

rodrivalente wrote: no hay nada... tiene 3 mapas creo nada mas...

miraloquemehicistehacer wrote: good work, keep it up

renegade wrote: thanks for this stuff!!!

eugene07 wrote: thanks

maverick100 wrote: don't have material this is a false

grisenbanan wrote: thx!!

Ligia wrote: 10

Mishael wrote: amazing

tomclancey wrote: Better than I could come up with!

S.Riddick wrote: Could you check the file please?

jiemi2002 wrote: JUST SOSO

dotmax wrote: io il materiale non l'ho trovato!!!!!!

djembe* wrote: no material inside

xareck wrote: No material inside. What a waste.

Anytka wrote: thanks

darkangeledge wrote: rated 9 for nothing :| there's no material inside.

renè wrote: great!I was looking for it!

nikp wrote: where are the mods? This is happening more and more, high votes for non existant materials!...there needs to be a report button.

deril wrote: thanks.

Eriander wrote: Probably a nice material, put where is the ceramic?

Eriander wrote: Probably a nice material, put where is the ceramic?

awonderfulday wrote: Cool mat! Thanks for this.

maxmaya wrote: thanks

BoraMir wrote: thanks

gurkanmax wrote: rated this material with 9Points

gurkanmax wrote: yes

tigra wrote: no ceramic, but why? (:

susanmoses wrote: can you post the ceramic material?

naverous wrote: Same as devil2k3 said, there's no ceramic in the zip file.

devil2k3 wrote: no ceramic inside the zip, rate this material with 3 points, it doesn't deserve more when it says different and it shows different.

fa-mo wrote: thank you for materials

Drazen wrote: no ceramic inside!

fedekun wrote: Nice material, just what i've been looking for. thanks!

photoleon wrote: this is a very usefull material, thank you!

CHlustanec wrote: i am confused..there are so many 10 points ratings, but the ceramic isn't inside..so get yourself together people and look what you are rating..

chris_online wrote: cant find a material too???

adithat wrote: there's no ceramic material in the file

Mark83 wrote: there's no ceramic material in the file,there is an simple white material and other needless material..

robles wrote: there's no ceramic material in the file.... :S

alexkeher wrote: Great material.

reinoks wrote: cant find a material

Markit wrote: no ceramic inside...

w_ddpp wrote: very good,

doug56_53 wrote: Very practical. Thanks

fly07 wrote: Opss!! wrong vote, sorry, cant change

haizephyer wrote: nice mat

bazuka wrote: material is nice, but u should remove all unused materias from mat!

rudua wrote: 10

gundamex3000 wrote: 9 points !

breonsnow wrote: Sweet! - Very nice!

darrenh0710 wrote: 10 points

gundamex3000 wrote: as real as it is! nice!

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