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Plastic veins

  Plastic veins by Truman

Category Plastics
Date 2006-09-01 01:39:18
Rendertime 01:45:01
System dual pentium4 3GHz
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment trasparent plastic with red veins

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uls82 wrote: the best of the f*** best

`antoniiio wrote: it's amazing!

tattarn wrote: notpro, that's funny :)

notpro wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

xtr3mboy wrote: esta superchevere!!!

fa-mo wrote: thank you for materials

VolosBlur wrote: Noce One !

djuwihan wrote: Awesome!

alano wrote: como hago para q me quede tal cual sale en el preview??? me quda parecido pero no con tanta rugosidad y relieve

Aleksei Sm. wrote: GREAT!!! 25 points from me! )

stationmiek wrote: Looks good, like those fake, latex hallowe'en gloves/masks.

threedees wrote: weird, but very cool

anderslbergh wrote: the best...

korumer wrote: Wow. Incredible. Looks real. 10 pts from me.

rfvlima wrote: amazing shape

diffx wrote: Awesome :)

ronyhulu wrote: wow!!! very realistic..

jojo1975 wrote: Cool :)

frederick2501 wrote: @!#@ how did you? coooooollllll...... like it.....

killnet wrote: interesting material, thank you

Burgerlim wrote: Great work!

zwok wrote: Nice abuse of filter forge ^____^

JadeStudio wrote: yee you are the man :)

Truman wrote: tnx to all ^^

eMatoS wrote: WOWWW!! this is odd, great material Truman!!!

PsychoSilence wrote: Very nice indeed! When i saw it for the first time i thought of interior of the athmospheric generator from ALIENS :)

mrki wrote: Very nice...

Marco wrote: 8-o Great one!

dogimo wrote: resistance is futile... thx for the gr8 share :)

Banshee wrote: Yeah.... nice one!!!

Thomaskl wrote: this is cool. These are the materials i want to see on this site ! RoXX !

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