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 Broken Glass

  Broken Glass by sopedro

Category Glass
Date 2007-02-14 00:27:19
Rendertime 00:43:23
System Pentium D 3000Ghz( in 2010 i hope) 1024Mb XFX 512Mb
Vray version 1.5 RC3
3dsmax version 9.0
Comment IIIIIIIIII Like this one!!!
If applied to a real environment, it looks real to me. Thanks to everyone. Hope you enjoy it.

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bharatsinh wrote: yes looking for it thanx

msvera wrote: thankx

Moochacho wrote: Yes I really enjoy it.

9751685331 wrote: nice

John Richerd wrote: Very nice

looee99 wrote: cool

margooo wrote: thank you xxx

FBIagent wrote: thanks ;) looks great

rafipunchiri wrote: nice

mniemann wrote: Thanks! Helped a lot! :)

uturn wrote: cool

emeneri wrote: this is nice for frost/snow too!

cheng105 wrote: Nice Job !!

erinly wrote: looks real

xeon_hl2 wrote: cool thanks :)

mytafan wrote: very nice

surendran wrote: I like it keep it

wanwi wrote: thank you sir.^^

petryad wrote: this is awesome..Thanks..

pixelsmoothed wrote: we enjoy it )) 10x

noobas wrote: thank you

kerma wrote: Fatal! (I means Great!)

mr.luca wrote: FRAPPE

fa-mo wrote: thank you

Davina wrote: Beautiful!!!

manacus wrote: i lern this program thank's for Broken Glass

umam wrote: Please don't break 10 points from me. Nice touch!Dramatic!

sm.caifen wrote: very nice

metal_forever wrote: good

Madzik wrote: like it

hansellot wrote: x

fatin wrote: its realy cool,i like it.

chandni wrote: nice

vinayan237 wrote: good ,wow

BunglesMcFungus wrote: cheers! Will give it a whirl...

Cloud_nb wrote: Really well , I like it very much

zulficarr wrote: mmmmmm superb i like iit 10 points !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pit wrote: uuuuuuu i like it great!!

externys wrote: realistic...

capri2corn wrote: 9

dezivn wrote: rated this material with 10p

threedees wrote: Even looks like rough ice to me :-)

bancher wrote: Realy cool.

amarcudic wrote: ice cold :)

arkonder wrote: This seems really cool.

Splinter cell wrote: I like it, but when i open the material it gives me an error, so i rated for the render image.

sopedro wrote: 1 point?? Why????

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