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  Magma by ghostcat

Category Special Effects
Date 2007-02-03 20:54:16
Rendertime 00:11:58
System AMD X2 2200 / 2GB RAM
Vray version -
3dsmax version 8.0
Comment Blend/Vray material (bazalt with bitmaps (HiRes), magma - procedural) + DispMod = -1cm (mask.jpg)

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arturdesamenezes wrote: Well done!

Mysterio2018 wrote: Thanks

jay5654 wrote: its really good, although doesnt look like the pic. i did change the settings a bit and got it close. i changed the color mapping to intensity exponential, clicked the default button to change it to advance, put the dark multiplier to .2 and bright at .7 its not gonna look exact

patraca wrote: Thanks

Cakes dos Bifes wrote: schytex u have to configure the material proprieties, when u download the file, probably u have the max file and some photos(i guess) and u have to put that photos on material proprieties( to make that volume and that effect) is something like that but i dont explain here step to step, is a geral way, search on youtube for tuturials how to apply vollume on materials :D... and the mateirial is very good :)

Skips wrote: Thanks ;)

hiforall wrote: coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllll

Schytex wrote: Anyone mind telling me how to make this work please? I'm new to this whole materials thing. I've but bazalt2 to as diffuse map, bazalt2-bump as bump map and the mask as reflect map. It didn't turn the way it should so I'm asking for your help. How do I make this work and how do I get the orange thing(aka the lava)? Thank you!

hopey1254 wrote: Thank

jags56 wrote: Thank you, this is good also to use in fireplace.

jags56 wrote: Thank you, this is good also to use in fireplace.

uturn wrote: cool

chnstyle wrote: thanks usefull

Allien wrote: couldnt get a result as yours but it seems like yours nice material :)

4pratikshah wrote: please tell me hw can i make this

RaaFayr wrote: great job!

bisdak wrote: this is so awesome. thank you

WebSter wrote: Good

alezx wrote: thankS!!

fa-mo wrote: thank you

chandni wrote: wow

Jeffathisputer wrote: I'm not sure how to make it render exactly like that, with the bubbles, but it looks great. You should be more specific in your comments.

semphony wrote: awesome mind blowing deserves more than 10

Turv wrote: Wow amazing i gotta try dis

Sanjar wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

rKy wrote: incredible!!!! i will try it.. thanks for share it

noonang wrote: wow. Serious talent man.

xyz wrote: Thanks.

cesar_910 wrote: man thats amazing but y the orange buble on the sphere

redfingered wrote: is the best mat i ever seen. congratulations

Pirog123 wrote: Best of the best!!!!!! MEGA GREAT!!! EXXELENT!!!!!

Shtirlitz wrote: I`m shocked. Ammazing!

metalking wrote: This is the most beautyful material I saw on this website! Great job ;)

Aamnesia wrote: ooh...*touches* *is burned* nice work...

ghostcat wrote: thx again.

klepa wrote: Absolutely brilliant! Hats down! Thanx :-D

deathcow wrote: This is hot!

tombook wrote: ouch !! good one (:

ghostcat wrote: thx guys for comments and ratting. its very motivateted to me

ghostcat wrote: thx guys for comments and ratting. its very motivateted to me

Astorias wrote: cool. I don´t know what to think about the bubbles but the magma is great!

Banshee wrote: nice, thank you ghostcat! I really like your materials, they are great! :) Keep them coming, will you? :))

cryptocid wrote: ghostcat,very nice!

ghostcat wrote: @punkz- can you better. show us ;-)

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