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  BurningWood by ghostcat

Category Special Effects
Date 2007-01-31 20:39:58
Rendertime 00:06:47
System AMD X2 2200 / 2GB RAM
Vray version 1.5 RC2
3dsmax version 8
Comment blend/vray material. Wood with bitmaps, fire - procedural. Displacement mod for THIS scene -30mm. Enjoy

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Fran2191 wrote: Gracias

jamh89 wrote: How can i get this for CINEMA 4D ?



arturdesamenezes wrote: Interesting, thanks!

Mikl_1 wrote: thank

Nadezhda1963 wrote: thanks

ayah89 wrote: thanks

Skips wrote: Thanks ;)

dantexx20 wrote: Worderful man!! it looks like real!!

kanishka wrote: superb material.... thnks alot... :)

generaallucas wrote: Was looking for this! thanks!

1078431956 wrote: great

rambo anas wrote: voted as 100 :)


Herman wrote: So very wonderful - thank you for this.

scriptz wrote: good

sugi (BANNED) wrote: is there any way to correct this when using gamma color correction (becomes blown out and yellow)

armenn wrote: good

ScionOfWar wrote: Very realistic. I'm going to try combining this with FumeFX fire and see what I can get

behzat wrote: That is perfect.

donjapo wrote: carbon encendido

jimmi163 wrote: great material!

benjavray wrote: lovely

ThalionX wrote: Excellent Mat.

ghost13 wrote: impressive

LinkCot wrote: Goog shot ghostcat.....NNNiiiiiiiceeeeeeeeeeeee

semald wrote: nice)

Tumzza wrote: i can even imagine the heat..Good stuff

Samdeal wrote: Like Really!!!

Cogu wrote: Wooow!

fa-mo wrote: thank you

roy bragat wrote: perfect,,,,,,,,

tareqabdnabi wrote: good job man

_Lightbulb_ wrote: Good Idea and nice work! ;o-)

threedees wrote: Perfect. !!!

redfingered wrote: very very realistic.

stilgarna wrote: @stilgarna - can you better? Show us ;-) If you don't like to be evaluate don't post any shader...

stilgarna wrote: @stilgarna - can you better? Show us ;-) If you don't like to be evaluate don't post any shader...

ghostcat wrote: @VampireLord - can you better? Show us ;-)

dogimo wrote: excellent work

ghostcat wrote: @Flatshader .You right. I working on another one. this time full procedural (no more any problems with bitmaps;-)

rick1980 wrote: Excellant!!

Jophus14 wrote: Really nice material. Great work.

Flatshader wrote: looks very good although i find it a bit blurry. A bit more sharpness would be nice... First wanted to give 9 points but I give 10 because I just like it :)

ghostcat wrote: @stilgarna - can you better? Show us ;-)

ghostcat wrote: @stilgarna - can you better? Show us ;-)

VisionQuest wrote: Whooh, this is a very nice material. Perfect bumps and glowing

marcelo.perini wrote: great post!

jojo1975 wrote: It's very well done graet material !

ghostcat wrote: Sorry, Disp Mod = (minus) - 3 mm

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