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 Old Brass Coat (heavy scratched n abused)

  Old Brass Coat (heavy scratched n abused) by Banshee

Category Metal
Date 2007-01-31 12:33:31
Rendertime 00:12:21
System 15.6 GHz
Vray version 1.48 +
3dsmax version Max8
Comment An old, really destroyed brass coating. Just a wild variation of the copper I posted yesterday, but I added a sharp blend mask this time.

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hana_d wrote: When I download it, there is no material in it, only maps.......or is there something missing in 3DSMAX (plugin or whatever....) HELP !

oloknolo wrote: Thank you for your work

kabam1234 wrote: thanks!!

sandesh2108 wrote: bahri

oloknolo wrote: thanks

hazalcey wrote: There is no material in the library. Its empty. Maybe I made sth wrong. I don't know...

joebogen wrote: thanks

kokuw wrote: Great

niejianlin wrote: looks great

hitouthitout wrote: Really good! Just a question, you put blend mask on diffuse map & reflection map's falloff right?

kubilay166 wrote: asdasd

tansufidan wrote: thanks

Sinterklaas wrote: worn look is great

ealvarezg wrote: Very good job, thanks

ayan.applita wrote: awesome

edoardo23 wrote: good

darksyrup wrote: thank you

mancocopac21 wrote: nice

Banshee wrote: @Alex, @Ahmed: You can simply replace the scratch map with a more subtle one or reduce bump values.

ahmedmahdy wrote: Great job! Is there a version of the old brass without the damage?

Alex Snow wrote: Great job! Is there a version of the old brass without the damage?

martinj wrote: new to vray this looks good by the preview been using simbiont plugin up till now

caleidoscopicgab wrote: una textura increible!

cpontes wrote: Excelente material

mezzgorg wrote: thanky, this is what i'm searching for... A++ for my goal

V3XED wrote: gorgeous, thank you!

Revur wrote: Beautiful!

vishal saini wrote: nyc

meodenemr wrote: thank you. it looks very real

dalin09 wrote: gorgeous..

skylineroot wrote: jjk

Username777 wrote: great job!

Blackwat wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

megatronX wrote: rathe this material with 9 points

nnicnic wrote: liked it

clavier2 wrote: cool brass , keep up the good architecture

Mark.Downes wrote: nice :o)

gaia123 wrote: i don't know how to apply the material -_-!

freakyyyy wrote: BadAss!!!!

tawatchai16 wrote: 3555

syedrumaan wrote: i can not download this vray max file only images is downloading

adnansonic wrote: awesome material

gokhangullu wrote: best material

hoang0501 wrote: thank

sandeepn070 wrote: awsome

ajithks wrote: like it

albertoquipi wrote: Gracias por los materiales están buenísimos

darkspirit wrote: good

malacasrc wrote: nice, thanks

ajithks wrote: NICE

adnanshomi wrote: insane realism

waynebanner wrote: this is something real important . can be used for cool old trophy models .

locogunz wrote: let's see!

Alala wrote: WOAH! Nice! I love it!

alipower wrote: soo nice.

Mister-M wrote: nice

vahidaghili wrote: 132

ancemu wrote: good material

irvinekinneas85 wrote: one of my favourites

sajid_mat wrote: Hi! Thanks!......

wu520309 wrote: thanks

canenina wrote: beautiful!

dial wrote: thanks for great material!

drinkmoretwice wrote: great

darth-gerko wrote: ... it was hard to configure... ammm, maybe I'm not doin' ir right...

djdesign wrote: Very nice material. I could also see it being used for old brass as well. Thanks!

tengolethal wrote: 9 point, because u use maps

TinoBambino wrote: Muy guapo!

haitham wrote: i love it great material

kalimero5157 wrote: really great mat. thank you

rageouz wrote: Amazing!

toulouse2k wrote: It's hard to beat good old beat-up brass for nautical finishes.

macoll wrote: Great mat, 10x ;)

CNNNN wrote: nice

CNNNN wrote: nice

sake2jane wrote: very good

gresham wrote: top one!

fwed650 wrote: Nice, and usefull

desten wrote: Вот это класс =) высший!

mihaius wrote: great material, I just love this site.

smillingtweety wrote: very nice material

3ton wrote: 8

hegen wrote: wow

Blaise wrote: wow. incredible material

aussibum wrote: Thanks matey for a great material!

bleachlanvin wrote: Thanks dude keep it up

girish3ds wrote: thanks

Shtirlitz wrote: Молоток!!!

voverrr wrote: ай малацца!

kyatto wrote: thanks :) looks great

jodapiento wrote: AMAZING

visualride wrote: Nice one.

wudi0607 wrote: thanks

mr_whizard wrote: awesome...luv the scratches and the worn out look

dingland wrote: applie suitable mapping coordinates? It's so new good knowledge for me, too.!!! Zank

guandai wrote: nice metal

sudo1986 wrote: awesome

oldoak wrote: >.

ostade1 wrote: thanks

romantecguy wrote: it is gooooood

Banshee wrote: what do you mean with "box". Of course you can use it for a box as well! But YOU have to applie suitable mapping coordinates.

88MaTo88 wrote: Is this material for box too? Because I used it for box and it doesnt look like this.

Cyclone-B wrote: VG!

Banshee wrote: "nice i do like" And why do you rate it with 1 point then? o_Ô

boystory wrote: nice i do like

aheg wrote: thanks! beautiful

heinkelster wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

Meklon wrote: perfect. Thanks a lot

Dr_Bat wrote: very!

stateofmind wrote: perfect mat.-

boooom wrote: nice

Rurik wrote: cool

nonete wrote: yesssssss

nonete wrote: yesssssss

nonete wrote: uaauu!! good

danhelge wrote: Sweet max pts

nj3dguy wrote: wonderful 11 points

Finley wrote: I love the material, but the render time is a killer... if i wanted to do a 1024/768 scene my 10 GHz system would probably die... :)

Astorias wrote: Leozitro... voting 6 points here and for your own materials 10 points? That is lame.

louis3000 wrote: thak

merraton wrote: Wish I had such farm. My PC is killikng me each time I try to render something.

Banshee wrote: @glhind: Yes, it´s a very small farm though ;)

glhind wrote: Brilliant brass, 15.6Ghz must mean you have a render farm?

Razorx3d wrote: Great work

gigi325520 wrote: good

Skizo wrote: wow

Lakomova wrote: yes

Lakomova wrote: good!

paulhogg wrote: thanks for sharing. great mat

gonzalu wrote: Nice... I like it even better with the textures off... makes for a very nice standard brass material :-)

centropen wrote: very good

Zephyr wrote: So cool!

Spina wrote: really really nice material bro... good work =)

deziner wrote: Best

chandni wrote: great

trixigt wrote: Realistic!

epolo.sl wrote: Thank you, very didactic.

llitmanovich wrote: very good

bolshevik wrote: I see old brass for the first time, but it feels like if I see some old brass I will recognise it. Very realistic!!!

hyun sang wrote: good file

lanterna wrote: truly a good job. congrats

rxefex wrote: very convincing effect..thanks!

pablosin wrote: muy bien logrado el material felicitaciones

blax87 wrote: nice

bungeetr wrote: cool

confearth wrote: thgank you

zipp0 wrote: very nice :) thanx for your time spent ))

macs016 wrote: espectacular muy bueno

primacad wrote: onde mande....rancak bana maa....

primacad wrote: bagus banget....!!!!

gnomo wrote: molto bello

goldshadow1 wrote: I only have one word for this! Thanks! :) I give it a 10 + 10

gy00ny wrote: great!!

alesspunk wrote: so much prety!

reiklfsn wrote: good good very good

soundwave wrote: КлаÑ?Ñ?Ñ?!!!

Pirog123 wrote: Best of da BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

reGes wrote: nice

Liondart wrote: Grrreat!

Nephura wrote: I Love this one! Good job...

TheClown wrote: absolutley amazing...

xaghost wrote: great job

romalos wrote: super!

Toolss wrote: AWSOME material!!!!

baxt wrote: very nice

RayOfLight wrote: as real as it gets!

sielgaudis wrote: very natural.

DJINN24 wrote: this is mean...i like it

stefanoko wrote: VERY GOOD

Matie_bucko wrote: very nice material

seb wrote: wow you are better than me i have to admit...

capp wrote: The best Brass i´ve ever seen !!!

octopus7 wrote: perfect

ravenraven wrote: realy cool !

revitsghost wrote: nice

Twenty Eyes wrote: It's the best material I know.

vastril4o wrote: exelent

sopedro wrote: Very nice stuff. Looks real

Flatshader wrote: idiots everywhere you look

CarlMox wrote: nice one mate!

Bravefart wrote: Banshee you shoul make an instructional dvd on how to create such stunnin materials... step by step and explaining how each parameter works for the final result... i'm just speechless... 10 points!

Dived3721 wrote: 中文�以打�?

Dived3721 wrote: GOOD! I LOVE~

KRESAT wrote: really great dust metal, good job!

ridli wrote: wow¡

wolfvonder wrote: Excellent material!!!!! I'd give it a 10 cos it's so real and useful, remind sme of my old brass cradle!

voltron7 wrote: Stunning, thank you!

Farinello0 wrote: 9 points??? O_O

ksap wrote: another banshee classic.

Mirko wrote: WOOOOW!!! :-O

chansin wrote: that's great

jonnybefree wrote: derbes teil! :-)

Marco wrote: Wie immer genial! Der Killer :D

hegmar wrote: thats a 12+ wow

MentalVray wrote: perfect

Banshee wrote: Ha! :-) I did proecedural materials similar to this one (e.g. http://www.vray-materials.de/all_materials.php?mat=791) but the rendertimes are so much higher that most fof the time some simple textures are more than suitable - especially textures like this which can also distort - you don´t even need 100% perfect mapping coordinates. ;)

aimandshoot wrote: very nice one...might give ya a 10+ if you managed to make it full procedural...

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