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 Copper (old, used, shiny)

  Copper (old, used, shiny) by Banshee

Category Metal
Date 2007-01-30 16:16:14
Rendertime 00:10:35
System 15.6 GHz DR
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Hi there,

a used but still shiny copper material. I found a simple texture on the internet a while ago and then build 4 different maps from it: diffuse, bump, reflection (+color) and glossieness.
Useful for all kind of scratched and used surfaces... I´ve built metal, glas, wood and stone from those maps (bump, gloss, relfection, although this reflectionmap is slightly colored - simply desaturate it for other materials!)
Actually one of my favourite maps. Quite highres and tilable as well.

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arq.edgdav wrote: Thank you!=)

feeroz wrote: very nice material...thanks

chetan-shinde wrote: thansk man. perfect copper rustic look.

ChabloDanza wrote: nice

IR0MANI wrote: Thanx!!!

tyna6868 wrote: thanks!

Kadiriya wrote: thanks for sharing

Biscuit_Junkie wrote: Nice!

kyelvn wrote: ok man

2xbong wrote: thanks for sharing

raghad.baseem wrote: fyay

taanken wrote: Thank you, that look good .

John Richerd wrote: good job

Ciccacio wrote: Thank you

ghi wrote: thanks

ghi wrote: thanks

kokuw wrote: Great

niejianlin wrote: looks great!

mariafouli wrote: thank u :)

pankalai wrote: grazie

bird2828 wrote: thank you

themediumgray wrote: great

linhyu207 wrote: thank you

katysha wrote: Perfection! Thank you :D

Nudu wrote: Awesome!

K917 wrote: Awesome

keyidentity wrote: C:\Users\Prasad\Downloads

toxxreport wrote: very realistic Thanks!

nandodavid wrote: thank you!!!!

faustatcoco wrote: I like it ~thank you

kumsii wrote: good one how to download?

svetlana2016 wrote: а

Mikunfr wrote: thank for the share!

khaledfares wrote: d

afilipabrantes wrote: good

DaveDunlop wrote: Very good material

ekam59 wrote: goog!

persona wrote: thank you so much!

Inkaara wrote: Very nice material! :)

BrunoM wrote: Thank you. Very nice and usefull

fawstes wrote: 10

amressam wrote: thanks

merinde wrote: Thumbs up

froud wrote: nice material! very ueseful!! thanks!!

naninc_2013 wrote: hi, could you please tell me how I can correctly set up the material editor using your files? Thank you.

neocl wrote: nice material

Havoc wrote: Wow, that's a well done material!!!

Groenzicht wrote: Thank you very much Banshee. Exactly ware i looking for

ducati white wrote: 9

PollyPolls wrote: Wow, that looks awesome, can't wait to use it. Thanks.

_maxx_ wrote: Thanks

grf09 wrote: Thank you.

khawkes wrote: this might be a dumb question but i'm new at this and can't get this material to work. do you put the glossiness map in the reflection or highlight category? or somewhere all together different?

khawkes wrote: this might be a dumb question but i'm new at this and can't get this material to work. do you put the glossiness map in the reflection or highlight category? or somewhere all together different?

KTC wrote: great material

trixigt wrote: Very good material, as you said the maps are great for other materials as well! Especially gold/silver/other metals - just change the hue in PS :)

nazafi wrote: thank man

mphassan008 wrote: good

carmil wrote: well done copper material !!!! *****

gspahr wrote: This is probably the best copper material I have ever seen. 10/10

wisnuarch wrote: wow,very nice, texturing


bowesy wrote: great texture! perfect

gizmeau wrote: Nice. Thank I need for my project

gadyuka wrote: very nice

Fatal1ty wrote: Superb! I like the little scratches and dots in the bump.

Shtirlitz wrote: Great! Thanks!!

noah_oe wrote: Great!!

thrallchief wrote: real and elegant!!!!!!! thanks :)

mihaius wrote: I love it

Deniz3d wrote: thyank u..

italia wrote: the best ever

italia wrote: very nice

jozelevstik wrote: nice one

jozelevstik wrote: nice one

arcinos wrote: very nice material 8points

minar123 wrote: ossm man nic texture in it thnx

ubik2097 wrote: It just does the job perfectly. The tint is very natural et the material behaves so well with light. Congratulations.

texu001 wrote: realistic! great! thanks for your work.

elenigmadelafruta wrote: i like oxid metals!! thanks!

ayip09 wrote: i love it! simple bur great!

lolko77 wrote: Thank You

captain wrote: very authentic good work.

ruudt wrote: just what i needed..thnx

GordonWMcLennan wrote: Beautiful.

petitcontrat wrote: Awsome Little word for great congratulation. Thx a lot

anilkumarvm wrote: v-ray is good rendering software-good reality

tommo111111 wrote: Many Thanks!! I have learnt alot by examining your materials. Hard to find good ones like yours done right to learn from.

LinkCot wrote: nice...

rava12 wrote: great material, its what I need

miculto wrote: it´s real

ChaseR_CCCP wrote: perfect!

zinger wrote: beautiful!

sumon_1981 wrote: Is there any shortcut way to make it without maps, then it will be easy to render and lee time consumption, hope you will have some idea. :)

sumon_1981 wrote: Good, but I am having problem with your Image map, they are too big.

mazurek74 wrote: rated this material with 8 Points

sazismail wrote: Hey Banshee, just been checking out some of materials and i have to say these are really good... How long have you been working with max? Not sure if i will use this one but going to give you 10 anyway because u deserve it...keep up the good work...lookin forward to seein more materials from ya

rumu wrote: Really realistic!

saulscars3d wrote: material muito louco 10 points

Hades1280 wrote: Great!!!!!!! bauty shader, Excellent!!!!! Thanks for Upload this shader

Jahr wrote: Great!

capp wrote: without words...

ermalbuqinca wrote: cooper is nice:):)

icrow wrote: I very much want to know how to do it...! You're great!

vhn3183 wrote: good

Mirko wrote: Incredible!!!

navray wrote: amazing

cryptocid wrote: very good

hegmar wrote: wie immer perfekt ;)

Timmeh:P wrote: Bloody good texture!

Marco wrote: Does someone knows Jack&daxter Part one? :D

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