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  Diamond by Strikee

Category Transparent
Date 2006-08-31 17:41:13
Rendertime 00:01:00
System AMD 4
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment THE Diamond material..

deetee too

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ne_tot_samyy wrote: thx

agata.chas wrote: thx

edwingad wrote: thnks

dreamcapture wrote: thank you so much sir i liked it very much

swatscat wrote: cheer

d_srifar wrote: good

d_srifar wrote: Great material, not exactly what i was looking for, but it's pretty close

d_srifar wrote: rated this material with 8 Points

deboxwilliam wrote: this is what i want! perfect diamond!

xeon_hl2 wrote: Great material, not exactly what i was looking for, but it's pretty close.

nitnitnit wrote: thanks

foundless wrote: all you guys on this site are magnifisen so thank you all very mush if any one whould like to be friend with me ill be ery thankfull iam not too new to 3ds max but i need some one to share knowledge with hope the best for all

jerry24 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

ArchDragoon wrote: thank for this !

emuk62 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

ELEMENTT wrote: material is good, good caustics good reflections, but for some reason looks pink in my scene :S

zircamuska wrote: oh good :P~

hamoodg wrote: very nice

niki75niki wrote: I would really want to comment, but I haven't even tried it yet. Please allow me to try it first

yenk wrote: i love it!

hybridwaz wrote: ultragenious)))))

adelsanoussi wrote: this is a nice material. realy brings the _D_ in Diamond

colossus wrote: nice, material looks cool. Great work strikee

marcelo.perini wrote: I love it!

StCraft wrote: Will not work with 1.5 Vray.

visualride wrote: Looks good, Thanks!

JadeStudio wrote: Bravo :) 6+

djb wrote: Awesome piece!!!

kolo wrote: work better on a faceted solid like diamond.... Perfect !!!

rx7 wrote: cool

arash361 wrote: amazing work mate thanks a lot

godchilla wrote: should work better on a not smooth object

Pavel Bugel wrote: wow.. awesome.. I like it..

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