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Dusty Hoffman

  Dusty Hoffman by Siquier

Category V-Ray 1.5 Special
Date 2006-08-31 17:30:38
Rendertime 00:01:42
System AMD Dual Opteron Dualcore
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment It´s a simple surface with some dust in concave areas.

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AlanX wrote: Nice n simple

Jelena011 wrote: great !

bogoluca wrote: bravo!!!

angel_ibiki wrote: is very great, so match.....

icarus1633 wrote: Oh, poor Dustin Hoffman, a great shade though, nice job dude.

cosimo73 wrote: interressante! una buona base di lavoro

beam1987 wrote: NICE

svenjorjensen wrote: jajaja gracioso nombre, y un material que espero que me sea muy util...

clicksubhendu wrote: Very nice material.

clicksubhendu wrote: Very nice material.

ah.hanafy wrote: The Real Effect

denzo wrote: i like it.

zim wrote: very nice ! thank you mister siquier !

bill wrote: its fantastic - but it isnt dust - its a perfect rough rubber

bentrox wrote: good material. thanks

cloves wrote: nice

freud wrote: very well

visualride wrote: Insta-Old eh? Thanks!

amr007 wrote: aaawaaaaaaw

mvm wrote: very nice texture and bump

alikashan wrote: thnx dear

DraKeXXI wrote: Thanks, juan. Nice material. See you on the other side :)

dane wrote: Nice one Juan! 10+

Diego-Design wrote: Looks Great Siquier, nice meet you in that sites ;)

dmv007 wrote: Nice Material: Good Look

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