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Stone - washed - nature and polished

  Stone - washed - nature and polished by Banshee

Category Stone
Date 2007-01-17 13:12:02
Rendertime 00:04:15
System 15.6 GHz DR
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Hi again,

2 versions of a washed stone material. A brighter, natural one with bumps and glossy reflections and a darker, polished and recoloured version.
Simple material but nice textures (tilable).

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amalia_gdc wrote: thanks

1cK0n wrote: ty

0111 wrote: مرسی

squidgybod wrote: Thanks very much

$Architect2015 wrote: thanks

Victory19961996 wrote: СУПЕР!!!

Marenna 2016 wrote: 6 points

blackwof85 wrote: great creation!! 10

ryanma1021 wrote: the color mixture looks so natural, good job

urpradeep wrote: Great texture

henrix21 wrote: nice texture

Powatan wrote: Good Job!

Rfavn wrote: Great!!!

Skizo wrote: Thanks for all. Amazing¡¡

spuperlegoman wrote: Very useful

fa-mo wrote: thank you for materials

mibelgue wrote: what I was looking for! thanks

mibelgue wrote: what I was looking for! thanks

kepler wrote: Very nice material, great work!

nasa_net2005 wrote: so nice>>> thak you> nasa

ZeroJustice wrote: shit nadie usa el 1.47 ???

xeoshadow wrote: Really great work

Adsu wrote: thx

bakackos wrote: very nice indeed

rKy wrote: this stone literally rock´s

Pirog123 wrote: hoh!! great stone mat. Like in Moscow underground!! Yeah!!! Very nice!!

kylane wrote: Washed it back to look like Monoleum...perfect!

gonchix wrote: I m having some problem when I try to use somo materials, an error pops up, Stone washed is a case. Does some one knows why??? I would appreciate if someone could write me at my email and help me out gonchidelgado@hotmai.com

KRESAT wrote: wooooow.. useful 100% thank you

wolfvonder wrote: Dude do you ever get tired of doing such great materials? AMAZING! Very useful 10+

_Lightbulb_ wrote: Great Material ! ;o-)

Banshee wrote: not rendered? What do you mean...? If the bitmap is present and you assign the path they will be rendered.

kstap wrote: i am having trouble with the materials. the maps are all present but they are not being rendered. any advice? thanx

CADinho wrote: Nice mat ! thx

JohnnyBeGood wrote: look good, well related, color almost pure natural.

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