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 Metal - Paint - Rusted (Procedural)

  Metal - Paint - Rusted (Procedural) by Banshee

Category Metal
Date 2007-01-15 13:20:50
Rendertime 00:12:25
System 15.6 GHz DR
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Hi there!
A 100% procedural rusted/worn out painted metal surface.
Play around with the blend-maps to blend between a perfect paint surface and fully rusted steel.

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hpf wrote: tqq

Alepedro34 wrote: The link is not working

dominicthanh wrote: thank you !!!

banggara wrote: thankyou

chris6phillips wrote: The link is broken?

chris6phillips wrote: The link is broken?

tymc007 wrote: looks amazing,sadly does not work on max2020...

narizon wrote: Gracias...

arturdesamenezes wrote: Interesting

spermega4 wrote: Great

kokuw wrote: Great

tariqmharis wrote: its very use full and thanks

jhanun wrote: wow is great !! oh oh oh

colincub wrote: where are the maps?

carla.garcia.pages wrote: 7 points

robertino wrote: 10 pts good job

fabio4 wrote: thank you

castro2007 wrote: Awesome!

SOOP123 wrote: great

freesmith wrote: very time consuming

RodC wrote: tkx B

DaRkMaN wrote: I couldn't find a rusted metal for my T columns in the vray site. Thanks!

mihaius wrote: wow... 100% procedural... impressive.

jodapiento wrote: banshe the best!

mihaius wrote: It seems to be very good, I'll just have to try it. so far, 10 from me.

Pirog123 wrote: Thanks!

Pirog123 wrote: Thanks!

bastetgod wrote: excelente trabajo

logesh_v wrote: thank u very much...ill learn a lot from ur materials....

blanktarget wrote: amazing procedural texture.

ButterNinja wrote: Amazing.

whale7 wrote: Very nice!

ossanvel wrote: Es justo lo que me hacia falta para mi robot gracias por la tecnica ya vi en que me estaba equivocando

driedgrape wrote: very cool

trixigt wrote: Helped me lot with material producing!

Doska_New wrote: Thanks!!!

pixelbudah wrote: great

GrummDrigg wrote: GREAT

AtomicFuse wrote: whoa awesome! takes quite a long time to render though as there are no textures!

Toolss wrote: NO COMMENT!!! AWSOME!!

ambassador wrote: nice job

revitsghost wrote: nice and so rustic!!

Abhishrut wrote: awesome dude!!

ghostcat wrote: bumcg rated this material with 7 Points ?????????????

omp2k1 wrote: @banshee: Sweet:)

Banshee wrote: @omp2k1: That´s distributed rendering.

omp2k1 wrote: 15.6 What!? How!? Anyway Great Material!

m_a_x wrote: !!!

Drunik wrote: !!

Spike wrote: I like it!

+_+ wrote: +_+

denzo wrote: Banshee great work ! ! I download ! (15.6 GHZ could be fast)

OO7 wrote: Realy nice for me

Marco wrote: !!!!! First: I wanna have 15GHz too :D Second: Awesome material!

jojo1975 wrote: I cant' believe it's procedural ! As alwyas great quality material from Banshee

_Lightbulb_ wrote: C'est du grand art ! Oups! I'm french speaking ! ;o-)

capp wrote: TOP !

Farinello0 wrote: Great!!

jonnybefree wrote: beautiful!!!!

MentalVray wrote: argh I don´t quite understand what you did there. Quite complex tree.

Banshee wrote: Did you notice the modified FAQs recently? Feel free to apply your materials to the inner sphere of the Main object as well. As there are certainly some materials which are exclusively suitable for round objects like spheres ;-) we beliebe this makes sense. That´s the only modification though :-) Please keep in mind to upload only ZIP-Files or clean .mat files - we recently had a lot of trouble with broken Uploads with .rar-files. If your own material is afflicted by this problem, we ask you to send your materials to us via EMail (you can use my Mail adress) and we will then upload it again manually. Thanks. :-)

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