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  Bloodshot_eye by Isengard

Category Organic
Date 2007-01-12 01:28:01
Rendertime 00:19:52
System INTEL/Dual P4 3078MHz
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Pack with two shaders. An eye with high resolution maps for close-up renders and a blood mat.

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mwillner wrote: Thank you.

Skips wrote: Thanks :)

abdoulbadei kat wrote: now that cool thanx for sharing man

ChrisA wrote: how do i blend both of them ??

mrxa1 wrote: ubercool :D

Evilis wrote: nice

mcmalach wrote: this is a very nice material greatly enjoyed thanks to the uploader Isengard

M_Asif wrote: excellent

Ahmed_naeim48 wrote: thanks for helping :))

Maxali wrote: Amazing!!

mihaius wrote: wow very nice

beata wrote: i would like to work with this material ferst and then i will rated it

tomerk242 wrote: cool looking material :)

tomerk242 wrote: cool looking material :)

bisdak wrote: this is just what i need thank you

5mile wrote: No.1! grat

renderdn wrote: Brilliant! Congrats!

matizlob wrote: really the best material :)

Cogu wrote: realy..realy nice!

titso wrote: This is one of the best material I have ever downloaded on this site!

Need_Help wrote: Very nice!

hellblazerjj wrote: very realistic eye... welldone :)

5mile wrote: verrry niccce!

lale wrote: wow!!

Own1221 wrote: LOL at all the blood drops around it!

Aamnesia wrote: interesting way to mount an eye =D.. amazeing

Archetype wrote: impressive!

Not Registered wrote: excellent!

philhxc wrote: amazing work!

denzo wrote: nice nice !! o-O

lztxwd wrote: the blood is very beautiful......but the eye......

arminx wrote: i mean perfect,too

ottopat_1980 wrote: perfect

Flatshader wrote: thanks for the eye-map!

_Lightbulb_ wrote: Really good work! ;o-)

Banshee wrote: Thanks!!!!!!!

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