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  incrustedWood by ghostcat

Category Architecture
Date 2006-12-25 04:14:42
Rendertime 00:57:11
System AMD XP 2200+ 2 GB RAM
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment incrusted wood with golden (or if you like) copper ornament perfect for vintage boxes (dispMod = 0.4cm)

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yasermgh wrote: like very much

Hangszalag wrote: cool

roann_ramasar wrote: Thank you kindly!

darkfactor01 wrote: LIKE

compadre wrote: THANKS

Mjolnir32Z wrote: thanks

kungfupanda wrote: nice work dude!!!!!

FastLife wrote: Vray Next for 3ds max 2020 does not seem to support the blend material needed for this material any more so I can't get the material to look like this. Also just to reiterate you will need to add a VrayDisplacementMod modifier to the object that you have this material on using the ornament.jpg to create the texture, otherwise it will appear flat. A read me file with instrucitons should be included in materials that need assembly like this one. Amazing material though!

Nii_Okai wrote: Thanks!!

cakmamimar72 wrote: ty

Logan31 wrote: wow

lskonbar wrote: That is great!

msvera wrote: thankx

schreck wrote: thanks yeah this is so awesome!!

eduardelli wrote: great material, thanks so much!

osmansit wrote: its a great material bro thx :p

aaronsujoy wrote: hi i try to apply for 3ds max 2016 with vray 3.4 not working

tiam wrote: niiiice

andressamm wrote: cool

anais2016 wrote: beautiful

DJMEZO wrote: How can I aply gold material above the wood and with the ornament shape?

rotemzoarts8 wrote: cool !

silvester55 wrote: awesome , love it

manooj kumar wrote: please make for evry setup i use max 2015 but its matireiol not working

taoss wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

kogerakis wrote: :)

namso93 wrote: gfbnh tyu eey

samanie wrote: Add a VrayDisplacementMod modifier to the object and use ornament.jpg for the bumps.

fratermalou wrote: ultime

meodenemr wrote: very amazing, thank you

niwatori-sama wrote: Thank you !

akmalhilmi wrote: nnbf

nachivray wrote: rated this meterial with 10 point

Ledahu wrote: nice

Toverspreuk wrote: Woooooooow.

Alcachofo wrote: what should i do to enable the displacement? my material looks flat

ammagar1979 wrote: thanks

fds2013 wrote: very nice materials..thanks!

salah zwean wrote: awesome material but where I put ornament texture & thx

Keenason wrote: Very good, love it

Onix wrote: Magnificent! Thanks

kontrolermpk wrote: Great material

asim45b wrote: Excellent .....!

vernon_v wrote: Awesome texture but where do I put the ornament.jpg?

aiat watany wrote: very beutiful

oumhani wrote: many thanks, great mat.

uturn wrote: cool

bengcoolen wrote: awesome material with very detail texture.

petiagencheva wrote: 10

Rita Baltasar wrote: Fntastic material, tks a lot

smallfall wrote: I love this material

suayem wrote: vaya,vaya!! muy interesante

manics wrote: great material

momomomomo wrote: wow!!

RodC wrote: vintage

byasa wrote: nice i like this

DonZaucher wrote: Nice!

radurock wrote: i have huge render time when i add v-ray displacement mod to my sphere (i have intel e8200 2,66ghz and 2gb ram) i use the lowest settings possible on render and 160-160 resolution and i wait for half an hour and doesn't wan't to render

radurock wrote: i have huge render time when i add v-ray displacement mod to my sphere (i have intel e8200 2,66ghz and 2gb ram) i use the lowest settings possible on render and 160-160 resolution and i wait for half an hour and doesn't wan't to render

Fissekaren wrote: Having trouble with this materieal. When i render it, it doesn't have the "carving" look. Is the uploaded mat not the right one?

depechef (BANNED) wrote: nice job

TSAS wrote: Super woody

mike1038 wrote: Realy beautiful material

archedy wrote: superb

dcabrg wrote: AWESOME!

mihaius wrote: R.I.P. Michael Jackson

lewis91 wrote: wow great job

Leiurus wrote: Amazing material!!!

drere wrote: excelent mat !!!

Sanlorian wrote: Sexy Material Nice Job.

ontheroad wrote: Bloody amazing!

bolshevik wrote: if there were 20 I'd give 20

bolshevik wrote: wow - 10 from me

jassi.maac wrote: hey very nice

beachfunk wrote: why does my render look flat on the surface instead of carved?

bloc wrote: wow ,realy nice work thnx

n00b wrote: Ð?ХРЕÐ?ЕТЬ!!!!

d1ver wrote: you're nuts man) keep rocking) and thanks by the way

PunkGuy wrote: amazing mat man! i realy love it!

talytus wrote: amazing!!

Arthur wrote: It's really beautyful!!

Sherman wrote: very beautiful ! many thanks

areznaroque wrote: Beautiful!

fa-mo wrote: thank you

fa-mo wrote: thank you

tibor2 wrote: this is fking awesome

shann wrote: cool work cool idea rate with 10^^

ankushchauhan wrote: nice work dude

chandni wrote: ho my wow wonderful perfect dream come true excellent thanks a lot dearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

sertee wrote: good mat

semphony wrote: If there was more than 10.Thank u very much

pixelindustries wrote: awsome!!!!

mrmax wrote: Very Nice. Thanx

mr-bullfrog wrote: Very well done! Thanks!

rKy wrote: great job what a material nice... thabks for share it

Elvir wrote: WoW!!

ruezzana wrote: Great!! 10/10

ravanova wrote: nice n detail... superb!

NotElvis wrote: very nice =D

Pirog123 wrote: DOH!!! HOW DID U DO THAT!!!!!!! 20/10!!!!!!

firetwister wrote: great)

peyzaj60 wrote: harikaaaaa !

Shtirlitz wrote: Belissimo!

gundamex3000 wrote: perfect!

ghostcat wrote: thx :-)

FatJoe wrote: Looks and feels fantastic, work of art.. love it.

bokistev wrote: That's art!!!

blomstergutt wrote: Looks very authentic

Banshee wrote: fixed material

ong wrote: i cannot download file help me it vry nice mat

matrix wrote: help i can`t download it!!???!!!

teocor wrote: sen me please teocor@tele2.it tx

xavalon wrote: great... Thx to share with us

Farinello0 wrote: I've the same problem...how to download it?

gogo_b wrote: help i can`t download it!!???!!! - it look like very nice mat!!!

Banshee wrote: very nice! Please send us the correct Material and the maps so we can upload them manually

gogator100 wrote: please, could you send me the matfile ? 'cause i can not download it. gogator100@naver.com

_Lightbulb_ wrote: Very nice!

itg wrote: amazing!

gogator100 wrote: ghost , i think you had better uproad it again.

chuckyp wrote: there's a couple i cant download...is there a fix coming?

bospaul wrote: Very cool! But waiting till it can be downloaded again

ghostcat wrote: ok, when i back to home

gizmo7301 wrote: please upload again!

ghostcat wrote: i know. i sednd this problem to admin, and im waiting for answer what should i do.

gogator100 wrote: Very nice material ghostcat though i can not download it.

ghostcat wrote: thx capp. maybe we should try -0,2?

capp wrote: i would take a dispMod = 0.2cm for cleaner results !! But i like this one very much !!! Beautiful !

qingmu35 wrote: good

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