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  platingAluminium by ghostcat

Category Metal
Date 2006-12-23 14:38:59
Rendertime 00:45:52
System AMD X2 3200+ 2GB RAM
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Plating Aluminium Blend/Vray material with displacementMod = 1,0 cm

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compadre wrote: thank you

h.nagy14 wrote: thank you

rajeevtkth wrote: wht i wanted

daniwaki1 wrote: NIce materials and Nice web

jameson63926 wrote: VERY NICE!

qwert.po wrote: ничо так

doichan_hl wrote: good job

smhussain1979 wrote: 8

ghostcat wrote: @ dj napster use your imagination

ghostcat wrote: @ dj napster use your imagination

djnapster wrote: for what could you use this?

gizmo7301 wrote: very nice

seph wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

saintdieg wrote: very nice material....

larchiveur wrote: Muy creativo.

ayip09 wrote: Good10x!

ghostcat wrote: thx for all.

Need_Help wrote: Good job!

amirsaman2 wrote: great !!!!!!!!!!!!

kokoandmos wrote: uuuuuuuuuuuu

pixelbudah wrote: amazing dude !!!! fantastic work

spuperlegoman wrote: :O WOW nothing less

Madzik wrote: good job!!! thx

Zsibo wrote: really awesome :o

enigmaenigma wrote: incredible material!!

maixaule wrote: only have to say WOW

girish3ds wrote: nice my frnd keep posting

Scrtcwlvl wrote: Very nice material, render time hurts but when it comes out looking like that who cares.

AlexZ`HIMuk wrote: COOL!

aon778 wrote: very cool :)

Morpheus wrote: Nice!

semphony wrote: simply perfect

S_V_E_T_L_A_N_A wrote: I like it verrrrry much )

samerbalaa wrote: man this is beautiful. thanxxxxx

samerbalaa wrote: but its not working man

samerbalaa wrote: man this is beautiful. thanxxxxx

TheClown wrote: AMAZING!

Kosten wrote: (on russian) U menya net slov!!!! (on english) COOL!!!!

Freedom wrote: oh sorry, it's there... I'm to stupid, thx guys and very nice work

Freedom wrote: WOW, amazing, really nice but please upload this again it's soooooo good!!!

deathcow wrote: kind of has a rubbery cushiony look to it, like metallic but squishy

Banshee wrote: fixed material

Banshee wrote: @Ghostcat: Sorry mate, if you don´t send us the corresponding material (+textures) we will have to delete this material from our library. Thanks for your understanding.

apri3d wrote: Very Nice! Can I suggest a re-upload with another name? also aging textures or some kind of watch-link like nuts and bolts? cheers!

voltron7 wrote: could be a 10, but it's not there to try

Smart wrote: Very good, I like it :)

Banshee wrote: Please send us the material and the textures via mail so we can upload them manually!

dukunz wrote: I like the random displacement texture. Cant wait to try it!

sielgaudis wrote: very interesting material! :)

ghostcat wrote: please, send this error to admin. i have no influence on this.

Levui wrote: Cool Aluminium foam-rubber

Levui wrote: » Download now ( Warning: filesize() [function.filesize]: Stat failed for materials/platingAluminium_by_ghostcat6673.zip (errno=2 - No such file or directory) in /home/httpd/vhosts/vray-materials.de/httpdocs/all_materials_material.php on line 352

darkplague wrote: It seems to be a great material...But I would love to test it... But the download is not working...

ghostcat wrote: technical. I guess

digid wrote: Some technical problem, or ? I coudn`t get it to test it.

ghostcat wrote: I know. i send this problem to admin and i'm waiting for answer

axl17 wrote: Material Not Found!!!

razor1988 wrote: Uaaa nice :D 10/10

razor1988 wrote: Uaaa nice :D 10/10

ghostcat wrote: thx for high rating. i'm glad, that you like it :)))

ghostcat wrote: positive or negative comments are welcome

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