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Polycarbonate panels

  Polycarbonate panels by LevaLeva

Category Architecture
Date 2006-12-21 11:56:24
Rendertime 00:09:00
System amd
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Two polycarbonate materials.
Amount U-Tiling of 'Stripes' gradient controls size of cells.

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marinahdominguez wrote: dont work

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wanea wrote: I'm using v-ray in rhino btw.

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encad87 wrote: genial.. muchas gracias a quien corresponda... hace mucho que buscaba algo asi...

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leylamanco wrote: I am trying to shift from policarbonate blue as in the web sample, to bronze colour: Then it results a policarbonate black and white. What should I do to overcome this problem ?

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ubik2097 wrote: Excellent material. Perfect for architectural work. Transluency can easily be tuned with refaction glossiness. Great job.

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KRESAT wrote: cool plastics again

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LevaLeva wrote: вот ля, стараешся, делаешь для людей, а они топят. Ну не стыдно ли

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gizmo7301 wrote: very good!

LevaLeva wrote: As usual, fully procedural mat.

LevaLeva wrote: oh! Objects requaried thikness. I added to sample shell modifier

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