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  lightning_v.1 by zerosk8

Category Special Effects
Date 2006-12-19 02:07:53
Rendertime 00:09:26
System -
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Shellac of a VRayMtl and a VrayLightMtl (Smoke). Made with VRay 1.5

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arqjuanfer wrote: amazing

ernesto0335 wrote: very very nice, effects

ma.maleki wrote: this file, is empty!

ernesto0335 wrote: very nice, thanks

glm777 wrote: so cool

codnjs14 wrote: d

srishtichoudhuri wrote: Luminious and lovely. Thanks!

Skips wrote: Thanks ;)

ARCH__0024 wrote: thank

romia wrote: beatifull

Mister-M wrote: beatifull

Mister-M wrote: beatifull

xdesingxx wrote: V-Ray are very helpful, thank you for your support

atoin_amasat wrote: nice material

donjapo wrote: Lo llamaria Plasmacloud

babababa wrote: awesome

byetore wrote: sizzlin'

bareboy wrote: Thanks!

Andrew Cross wrote: so nice

xuyunke123 wrote: magic

Cogu wrote: Coooool!

ricky4b12 wrote: wow,cool.just like a lighting stone.

fa-mo wrote: thank you

lopreto wrote: good job,

steventengwar wrote: Great work

b3st wrote: perfect :)

xeoshadow wrote: Great Work

lenin2_93 wrote: cool

zerosk8 wrote: tulu:check to have vray 1.5 R3 or better ;)

tulu wrote: I can't open the file, does anybody know what to do?

pi_26 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

VisionQuest wrote: zerosk8, I had also a problem with the material. I created just the way you write here and it is perfect. Thank you for your information.

DemBem wrote: Its a nice material i think you sould experiment more with it. Like to have more controle where the light sould be or someting like that. You forgot to Swap B and W in the DisplacementMOD to get Inverted texture. :P

showyair23 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

zeusarch wrote: so powerful

AF wrote: doesn't work!!!

zerosk8 wrote: I just downloaded the file and seems to work fine. Btw, the material is a shellac: -base material (VrayMtl) diffuse rgb 3-8-98 reflect gray 72, refl glossiness 0,5, fresnel reflections L, max depth 2, exit color rgb 0-0-255 refraction gray 18, glossiness 0,3. -Shellac material (VRsyLightMtl) color white 1,2, Smoke map with phase 5, exponent 0,4, color #1 rgb 244-243-255, color#2 rgb 0-4-34. Shellac color blend is 150,0. Hope it helps! ;)

Zaswed wrote: I get an error when trying to open the .mat file. "Error loading ParamBlock 2" "Invalid file - only partially loaded." Tried downloading many times. Can anyone explain how to make the material so I can make it myself? I made a shellac material and put a VrayMtl in the other slot and a VrayLightMtl (with smoke map) in the other one, but it doesn't work because I'm not sure how to set up the VrayMtl, and because I am quite a newbie at this. Help anyone?

zerosk8 wrote: to natalya: at least tell me why you don't like it, so I can improve it a bit ! :(

cepp wrote: nice one! something different!

Astorias wrote: nice

itg wrote: very nice!

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