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  Chrome by Drime

Category Metal
Date 2006-08-31 14:43:43
Rendertime 00:02:31
System Intel T2300 1.66Ghz dualcore 1Gb ram
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Nice shiny chrome matirial.

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Patrick22 wrote: cool

Xeniax wrote: cool

LILIA1832 wrote: thank!

ne_tot_samyy wrote: thx!

Mtocean wrote: great

WSframe wrote: 555

hpf wrote: Nice

blackwof85 wrote: 10 points

e_hiero wrote: I really like this chrome

prenss911 wrote: nice

marcoszannelli wrote: Wow this is super amazing! I´ve been traying to achive something like this, but nothing compares to this one ! Exelent

bijeshpj wrote: nice

fantographics wrote: good one

fantographics wrote: thanks in advance

Jack Hill wrote: very good

timawa wrote: yeah. really nice thanks!

jinxson011 wrote: Thank You for the material.

dpo wrote: obrigado

xDeFuzex wrote: Fantastic material, it's really nice.

SuIXo wrote: REAL

renegade wrote: 100!

rgrantham wrote: Spot on!

ottix wrote: very useful!!! tks

introspekt wrote: thanx for that

beakbeat wrote: Thanks, very well done!

clashoverlaw wrote: cool

agustinsant wrote: cool

lolko77 wrote: Thank You

Kamelot wrote: always needed. thank drime.

donvictan wrote: great stuff!

Ragman1977 wrote: Nice1

akbaru wrote: how do i actually apply the materials

MF3dream wrote: Pretty clean...

inmysoul20 wrote: very nice ! thanks

josequinta wrote: very good!!

neotokyo wrote: OOPS! Good~

fa-mo wrote: thank you for materials

mef wrote: Very good!!

diablojin wrote: will test it out thanks dude

Jessese wrote: why its not rendering in vray?? i wonder why, any 1 can help plz?

Jessese wrote: why its not rendering in vray?? i wonder why, any 1 can help plz?

Maneuvers03 wrote: Great Mat

Maneuvers03 wrote: Great Mat

1138 wrote: Great work!

germanja wrote: Thanks

centropen wrote: Perfect!

shingo-yyy wrote: Nice to meet you. It is very good material.

sazismail wrote: :-( ... cudnt open it, i'm usin max 8, with vray 1.5 ... any idea's?

d0nn wrote: nicely

warops wrote: awesome material and awesm site. i always come here if i want ne material. and also they r free. hats off to all the administrators of vray-material.de

doug56_53 wrote: good one, thanks

Th3 ProphetMan wrote: great one

fabio wrote: perfect!


3dsmaxer18 wrote: good chrome!

bgj wrote: great!

geom_cantu wrote: molto bello

MineNow wrote: A great looking chrome texture. A terrific resource to have.

jodestroy wrote: nice chrome shader. txs

mcd_sign wrote: Awsome. thankyou !

sanchog wrote: Very good one. Reallistic. Very Usefull.

djdjdj wrote: It looks cool

vbn wrote: 10_10 VERY REALISTIC!

visualride wrote: Clasic. Thanks!

juxtm wrote: thnx for the nice chrome mat

小耗子 wrote: Very nice!!! thanks:)

Drime wrote: Thanks :)

ReaX wrote: Nice Chrome Material *thumbs up*

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