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  Sponge by stationmiek

Category Organic
Date 2006-12-15 21:35:59
Rendertime 00:08:24
System AMD/Model: 12 1798 Mhz
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Simple, fine pore artificial sponge that can be used on microphone covers or airfilters on cars. Ise on curved surfaces as it picks the light up nicely.
White/Black falloff, and small cellular map in big bump.

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inafaracutiei1 wrote: thanks

vindan wrote: very useful!!

oli.tushi wrote: nice

DarlieLau wrote: very useful

aslamvc wrote: very useful

hosimama1 wrote: wow

caishuo wrote: I love it ! Geat !

Montar wrote: excellent! worked like a charm on pyramids panels

barounic wrote: Nice job.

donkadabra wrote: beauty

spy_vray wrote: is there a way to use this material within c4d?

Vischioni wrote: sorry for the stupid question, but i'm new in this things. Can i use this file in Vray for Rhinoceros?

yesasd wrote: Thanks!!!

johannamuñoz wrote: really good

BINA wrote: can you explaine us how to use it with out the Jpeg?

jurgemeister wrote: 10

stationmiek wrote: Quality insanegain!! Glad someone uses it! :)

insanegain wrote: I just usded this to make photorealistic sponge earpads for an earphone design.

captainnemo wrote: fantastic !

MikeMC wrote: COOL! Packing foam! I like it. Thank you

_Lightbulb_ wrote: Nice work! It looks close to a sponge. As SMART wrote, it could be interesting to test it with a small transluscent effet and maybe with an other color. :o-)

klajbar wrote: Nice

LevaLeva wrote: take your ten! nice lookung porcelane!

Pross wrote: I guess can also be used as a sponge used in gun cases - good work in my view!

Smart wrote: I looked at my microphone, and I think it must be... hmm, more soft and slightly transperent maybe? And I think that soft displacement will help too, now it looks like hard dirty thing instead of soft sponge :)

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