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 Fussball ist unser Leben!

  Fussball ist unser Leben! by sfrey

Category Organic
Date 2006-11-25 00:12:58
Rendertime 00:23:04
System AMD DualCore 4200+
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Footballfield with VrayFur.

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serhan35 wrote: nicee

msvera wrote: thankx

piazzolla wrote: thank you

LordStrad wrote: Thank you so much

карина 89 wrote: =

panda72 wrote: this material is unratable, there are 6 maps missing! UNUSABLE

uturn wrote: cool

tanak76 wrote: very nice material, tks

alfrestilo wrote: filete el pasto :P

giunkim wrote: thank you

mrjones wrote: fussball.vrmap is not included

mrjones wrote: fussball.vrmap is not included

aiga wrote: 123

sahil2010 wrote: cool material ...thanks..

krabbeku wrote: looking forward to try this one:) thanks

sapinto wrote: winrar

flavorZmix wrote: nice material, thx !

yvys wrote: very ..very nice material..good job!

Cogu wrote: nice job!

demon_1987 wrote: Rickdedick : "Comment Footballfield with VrayFur."

Rickdedick (BANNED) wrote: no football texture...

frogan wrote: de ... madree!!

afirami wrote: goal ......

TUrv wrote: Wow great!

rfvlima wrote: unbelievable

moscowiamback wrote: Очень круто!Very-very nice!

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imacle wrote: You cannot upload anymore but you can vote till 30-11-2006!

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sfrey wrote: test post

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