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  Pineapple by LevaLeva

Category Organic
Date 2006-11-24 19:36:45
Rendertime 00:09:00
System amd
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment latest attempt :)

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msvera wrote: thankx

f1_senna wrote: tx

NANI wrote: nice

fratermalou wrote: ok vray displacement mod i am sorry please delete my useless comms. amazing mat

fratermalou wrote: i don't understand how to use it...

fratermalou wrote: WOOW !

artursamenezes wrote: Very well @@ ABACAXI

Pure wrote: Thank you very much!

uturn wrote: cool

haitham wrote: really 10 p

guandai wrote: that is amazing

ScionOfWar wrote: Very very cool. I think the spikes look a little plasticy, maybe give them some strandy/rougher textures to make it look more realistic. But it's fantastic, I give it 9 out of 10

ibahrom wrote: cool

Elhour wrote: great!

k4ito wrote: Aouch!! Looks like a real pinepale to me!! ^^

annusha wrote: Greate!

matakus wrote: good shit bro

DIEGONORMA wrote: I do not understand because some people vote of that way....

Banshee wrote: deleted the 0 voting. 9.22 up to 9.27

Banshee wrote: not very nice grioss. Do you vote down this pineapple just because you uploaded one yourself? =(

Cogu wrote: Great!

demon_1987 wrote: amazing. 10.

enigmaenigma wrote: no comment!

logesh_v wrote: THIS IS JUST A GREAT MATERIAL...

cg_hero wrote: wow!!! great materials

kmlvrma wrote: Amazing !

jkburton wrote: Extremely creative!

goonies wrote: beautiful !!!

xpyct wrote: nice work, homie

jiannaiwei wrote: good

jiannaiwei wrote: good

ivanna wrote: verry good!!!

randy sandiya wrote: good rating bos!!! ora ndeso... ra ngisin2ni sik sinau mas dab.... , :)

giggog wrote: Thank ^ ^

deathcow wrote: I could print this and eat it.

martian_aphid wrote: incredible

toxx wrote: макÑ? вылетает када материал приÑ?ваиваю

icrow wrote: Interesting.

polok wrote: perfect material!!

cjsimon wrote: simple magic! awasome

showyair23 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

At2006 wrote: perfect!

silver wrote: good

joko wrote: amazing material

zakukak wrote: ржачный мат)))) пацталом)))

ghostcat wrote: i'm impressed

torts89 wrote: hi guys how can i have the material like the photo i mean the brown part in my scene is completly flat :(:(:(

itg wrote: incredible material, congratulations...

3Dfighter wrote: это всё процедурное?

mjnmjn wrote: Gut 10 Point +

mjnmjn wrote: Gut 10 Point +

riddick76 wrote: Супер. Слов нет!

ultranexus wrote: Nice one bro.Thx a lot

3Dfighter wrote: Лева, как ты их делаешь?!! ;) маладец!!

Astorias wrote: very good!!

hxzz wrote: when?

hxzz wrote: running……

Banshee wrote: very well done... those procedurals make me crazy ;-)

harry661212 wrote: nice shader

LevaLeva wrote: capp, no. If there was not decmlacement, time would be fbout 3 min ^)

CU441ES wrote: I think the displacement is too high, but good try :)

Memoriamm wrote: Крассавчег! Жги истчё!

Dominik.Martinez wrote: Base looks kinda odd

capp wrote: nice low rendertime !!! or have you prerendered the GI-map ?

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