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  Gold by LevaLeva

Category Metal
Date 2006-11-20 17:59:58
Rendertime 00:03:00
System amd
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Russian jewerly gold.
\'585 proba\'
I can mistake, it equals 16k.
Very plan material, but colors adjusted carefully. Also added some kind of scratches (procedural).

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Patrick22 wrote: thanks

Icestiens wrote: Thank

Icestiens wrote: Thank

marakis wrote: thanks!

oloknolo wrote: thanks

kipod301 wrote: great

zkdl5724 wrote: good. thks

ssaem wrote: Leave a comment This should be a nice community so please behave like that.

kokuw wrote: thanx

edelien wrote: great!! thankss its beautiful

karma7 wrote: thanks , very nice tutorial

f1_senna wrote: tx

daviddilascio wrote: Thanks a lot!

msvera wrote: thankx

aonbreakin wrote: really gold!!!


Anar866 wrote: thanks for this, i need this material

osaleks wrote: gud

alsago wrote: Very nice tutorial.But I need tihs c4d version

annia wrote: cool!

niklaz wrote: Excellent choice !!!

vertex112 wrote: Mega!

ashdesign wrote: Super! =)

bloodgull wrote: well,just allright...

panda72 wrote: it seems very good

jrich07 wrote: still under examination... the preview looks ok

lolko77 wrote: Nice work

johaannn wrote: Hello, only one little prob. When u use coloured reflection, it has a diffuse color affected with inverse color of reflection. I suggest use energy preservation mode monochrome, or black diffuse color. Although nice trick with glossy override.

arthur666 wrote: Thanks!

Drunik wrote: Cool! Thanks mon.

hernyxx1 wrote: rated this material with 9 points

ozahid89 wrote: Nice Material...

ozahid89 wrote: Nice Material...

MDRID wrote: This is wut i hav been searchin for! Thanks! Gonna try it on my Egyptian Compass

X-PanDer wrote: It needs some Fresnel reflection, but I like the glossi reflection override very much. gave it 9

ashlocke wrote: Basic, but I like it. :D

chandni wrote: 20 k gold cool thanks a lot

C4dmax wrote: Yeaj....sword grip gold

Felix-Op wrote: Super! I like t

cavallomatto wrote: good.. but it's not gold!

GUNSumoto wrote: very nice material!

mr_nuclear wrote: oh cool

Noïra wrote: good work !!

Gruckel wrote: Sure does look like gold, def deserves a 10.

SASH wrote: MY precious

mooton wrote: thank

luckan wrote: Лева, продолжай рвать буржуев!

esso70 wrote: nice iwan`t just to render it to be sure

dc0110 wrote: very realistic and simple

Mirsaid wrote: very nice!

bill wrote: the best gold so far...

lgj5231275 wrote: thank your

srb wrote: superb!!

Javi_M_Rey wrote: This shocked me!!!

robert3 wrote: very nice

ciaho wrote: 10 for simplicity. Good work :)

Flatshader wrote: nice gold, really.

capp wrote: one of the best !

Banshee wrote: Although the material is simple, it convinces me and looks very realistic. So that´s a 10 for me then.

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