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  Acid by rendermaxa

Category Organic
Date 2006-11-20 03:23:37
Rendertime 00:06:34
System AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ 1GB ram
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Object requires,vray displacement mod.

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zang123 wrote: nice

multicrab wrote: excellent!

xequen wrote: Wow! Thanks

dream_arch wrote: no material!

jackwylde wrote: não tem nada... somente uma arquivo do acess

artursamenezes wrote: Very well @@

stonelith wrote: This is by far the one of the most interesting and well prepared materials! Great job! Well done!

freakyyyy wrote: One of the best materials I have ever seen good job

fratermalou wrote: Oh my god, best shader ever !!! can i give a "15 / 10" ?????

rambo anas wrote: very nice :)

uturn wrote: cool

edelynmonte wrote: great. always waiting for new materials :D

Brace wrote: One question: There are four materials in there. What to put where?

Brace wrote: Looks awesome. Can't wait to try it!

sree321 wrote: this was nice one

_pest wrote: sweet mat, thx. reminded me of L4D2`s spitter acid)

gummy_brown wrote: Good job! :)

TSAS wrote: King material!!!!

ScionOfWar wrote: Very nice material but I get really bad render times with it, it took me five hours to render out a similar scene as the one above whereas it usually only takes 5-10 minutes to render. Because of this I give it 8 out of 10. Aesthetically awesome though!!!

bc28 wrote: that is insane :)

EMC wrote: lindo

clearlist wrote: perfect!

ljaaa365 wrote: Good

akiklapute wrote: Beautiful, Thanks a lot :) Just some modifiction for my personnal use ( blood and dirt metal ) and it will be my Dream ^^ Thanks a lot

Wyro wrote: very nice effect

elphoma wrote: es realmente bueno pa un paisaje onírico ke devo realizar

Tommy.S wrote: nejvíc ! ale až na to renderování co trvá děsně dlouho

bahamuto wrote: Awsome

joe_2008 wrote: thank

gamesfrager wrote: looks very good and very nice effect

griosss wrote: fucking awesome

blanktarget wrote: That's pretty awesome.

Savvader wrote: wwwwowwwww/ ^)

Cogu wrote: Great!

arnuvola wrote: phenomenal

Clayman wrote: really great!

itg wrote: !!!

chris1981 wrote: btw could you sharethe displace settings u used?

chris1981 wrote: Nice 1

jafingi wrote: Sorry that i posted 1, shuold have been 10!

_Lightbulb_ wrote: In my Top 10 !! :o-)

threedees wrote: this material is my absolute favorite on this site =)

Liulius wrote: Nice look :)

coka wrote: Aliens...... :) nice

mitmit wrote: good

rendermaxa wrote: It is kind of odd...he he

LevaLeva wrote: im shocked that strange acid beats such genious creations like fish scale and banana. IMHO, da winner is SAPP, the dude reaky mad about modes

noouch wrote: my eyes! the goggles, they do nothing ;)

bobansky wrote: NICE.....:)

Astorias wrote: VERY Good, just not organic, is it? ;-)

cryptocid wrote: welly-welly-welly-WELL!

Hennysow Gandra wrote: good... Very good

Bravefart wrote: wow... these materials keep gettin better and better... you guys v-rule ;P

capp wrote: The mat itself is a perfekt 10 for me. but because this is a contest material with only 40 % organic i only will give 9 points !

Banshee wrote: I really like this look and as I recently had to build a similar shader I look at it from a different perspective ;-)

mohsen2005 wrote: very nice

Banshee wrote: It looks really cool - just wondering whether acid is ORGANIC or not? =) Let´s say it´s an organic acid-alien-slime. ;-)

anıl wrote: sd

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