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  Kiwifruit by LevaLeva

Category Organic
Date 2006-11-19 22:59:32
Rendertime 00:15:00
System MK-54
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Fully procedural kiwifruit

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yafoka7315 wrote: nice

kabam2786 wrote: Love it!!!

3dbook wrote: thank you

f1_senna wrote: thnk u

WSframe wrote: sg

msvera wrote: thankx

tiaranalimas wrote: awesome!

trigun123456 wrote: VERY SPECIAL

natnat wrote: 8

vetay wrote: Nice

settarbenka wrote: zzzzzzzzzzzz

fratermalou wrote: heuaaaaaaaaaaaah

Zahra Haddad wrote: so sour!!!!!

system619 wrote: eeeee

asong wrote: thanks

deshpandeajit82 wrote: gr8

jiabintan83 wrote: well done ! fur on the surface is nice ! i like the detail .

Rendier wrote: dude... that really looks like its eatible! nice!

uturn wrote: cool

jokerfrown wrote: how do I use this? the fur has no maps and no changes within the material :S

kiwi7756 wrote: :)

edon2013 wrote: great now i need to eat a kiwi :D

snaily wrote: looks tasty:)))))))))

lucaslacerda wrote: Niiiice...

baroque wrote: maestro of procedural mat

sotu wrote: wuuuuu.great

sivan2303 wrote: haha, wicked

k4ito wrote: yummmmy!!

matakus wrote: again bro u make phat materials this looks damn real

joe_2008 wrote: thank

umuthhh wrote: great work

HellRaider wrote: yummy

midoo55 wrote: from outside not too mach reall but the inside it's fabilos igive u 10 for inside

PaulFX wrote: Изучив иерархию этого материала, я вошел в глубочайшее изумление. Это самый потрясающий материал, который я встречал. Vivat!!!

mgieser wrote: nice

stino wrote: @butterNinja: 3ds furfx? maybe vray fur :D

ButterNinja wrote: how did you make the fuzz? furfx? Looks cool as kiwi.

bloc wrote: nice work ;) 9 for u :p

jbr wrote: nice work ;)

mibelgue wrote: great one, 10 for u!!

DSNR wrote: lol nice system. didnt know it can run vray too. good job.

harnelbe wrote: So Well realized ! All Procedural !!! Impressive. I want to eat it !

chengdu_jacek wrote: man...this is wicked ! u're a genius

miniavni wrote: you are really great! 10 without hesitation!:)

martignoni wrote: How do i "activate" the Kiwi's fur??? i added the materials, and i can see only a "Normal Material"

Kemal wrote: congrulations.it's perfect!!

SubBear wrote: Very realistic!

chandni wrote: it my fav thanks a lot lot lot

jaroslaw wrote: the best material!!!! : )

lucasgag wrote: GREAT WORK!

eric_vray wrote: wow !

jojo1975 wrote: this in one of the best (leva leva alsywas rocks !!!!)

reGes wrote: real!!

NotElvis wrote: Sweet!

Egorov Dmitriy wrote: Super!

Egorov Dmitriy wrote: Super!

deathcow wrote: unreal it even TASTES like Kiwi !!!

Salahadin wrote: Omg!!! All procedural, amazing.....

Salahadin wrote: Omg!!! All procedural, amazing.....

arximatias wrote: very nice

Flatshader wrote: nice

combmyhair wrote: Outstanding looking material. Yum total

Osprey wrote: Now... I Thinking rate 10! Sorry!

stationmiek wrote: Ням.ням! Ням.ням! Ням.ням! Ням.ням!

Oley wrote: Ням.ням!

zakukak wrote: сожрал бы)

digid wrote: Well, i tried it an got just what i was looking. Nice result.

ghostcat wrote: i'm really impressed

Smart wrote: Намазать бы его икоркой с соседнего материала :D

koji k wrote: neat 9

_Lightbulb_ wrote: Well... I think that everything has already been said about this LevaLeva other great material! :o-)

luckan wrote: жжош сцуко! пешыесчо!

bozar88 wrote: Perfect! Very detailed and real

Kastro wrote: esta muito bom 10 para ti :)

rmejia wrote: yummy

cryptocid wrote: i whant to eat it :)

capp wrote: thx ;-)

Banshee wrote: @Capp: DONE =)

capp wrote: sorry, i wanted to rate your kiwi with 10 points, but i accidentally take a 9 points :-( . It´s worth a 10, also if you dont change the bottom. @banshee: can you change my voting to 10, please ?

Astorias wrote: But it´s a good work, sorry, my last comment sounds a little harsh. Wasn´t meant to be harsh.

Astorias wrote: I don´t like the bottom and the seeds still look a little weird.

Memoriam wrote: Жаль что я сюда ниче не вешал... не могу проголосовать... а так 10 баллов! мат просто супер!

robert3 wrote: estan desactivados porque son parte de un concurso. cuando acabe nov 24 entonces se podran descargar.

stud_cg wrote: Очень хороший материал, я думаю у тебя приличные шансы на победу! Твори дальше.

bill wrote: haha fantastic! actually, make that amazing :)

davescambra wrote: ¿¿¿¿porque están desactivados????

maxor1986 wrote: HEY! this is very nice... .. nearly perfect... 10 PTS from me!

adelicado wrote: It looks great!

zhangrhong wrote: nnm

yanes wrote: This material 10

CheGuevara wrote: круть!!!

capp wrote: ah and by the way, this shader is much better than the cavier !

capp wrote: MUHAA !! i think the fur is a litle too noisy, lesser direction variations in VrayFur maybe looks better. but the rest looks really nice ! hey levaleva, you are a freak, like banshee and me ! I would give you a 9, because of the missing bottom, but the fruit itself is a 10 ! so i wait with voting until you fixed that :-D

mjnmjn wrote: Gut!!! 10 Points +

robert3 wrote: Looks like a Kiwi !

lilstarfish wrote: Wow, extremely intriguing material =D

jonnybefree wrote: really like it!

MentalVray wrote: Very nice, the bottom material does not really convince me but the rest is perfect.

muzi725 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

Banshee wrote: @Dominik.Martinez: It is allowed to change the materials of the inner ball for the contest to give users the opportunity to upload complex shader-packs. Complex contest, complex materials ;-) You can see the rules in the contest area *points to the left side* =)

Banshee wrote: A procedural Kiwi.... =) Man, it rocks.

LevaLeva wrote: oh! Scene scaled down 2:1

LevaLeva wrote: If it is possible to consider UVWmapping1, UVWmap2, VRayFur modifying, then yes :)

LevaLeva wrote: No. MAIN_OBJECT - multisub mat Inner_Ball - without any changes

Dominik.Martinez wrote: scene has been modified?

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