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 Red Flower

  Red Flower by sfrey

Category Organic
Date 2006-11-17 19:04:05
Rendertime 00:42:40
System P4 3,2 GHz
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Completly procedural map. Ver complex!

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2xbong wrote: thanks for sharing

katysha wrote: beautiful! thank you! :D

mohanadnabil wrote: thx alot

plankmap001 wrote: thanks

casiopea123 wrote: thx

julianna_89 wrote: Nice vector texture, how`s the scale

kiekie21 wrote: Nice vector texture, how`s the scale?

uturn wrote: cool

serhio-80 wrote: ".....nullmorpheme wrote: pizdato!..." ya skazhu - OHUENNO

nitnitnit wrote: thank you

5dedosdefuria wrote: 10points+

nullmorpheme wrote: pizdato!

Jericho_ wrote: AWERSOME!!!

çınar wrote: nice

spidermannetje wrote: how do you get it nice

spidermannetje wrote: how do you get it nice

yhy122755490 wrote: have nothing! ?

lm80 wrote: displace чего-то не получается у меня

Klambert wrote: ...but i cant seem to get this thing to work correctly, it looks nice on a sphere, but not like a flower :/

Klambert wrote: You are an amazing guy and i love you so very much!

usevray wrote: Beautiful flower, thanks author!

seemymail wrote: very good!

coolatifplus wrote: pretty good

gergeo wrote: oh,my sky!!!!~~~~~

n00b wrote: quite damn brilliant

PunkGuy wrote: the best one i have ever seen! first place for you! but its not earth looks not so good as flower does ..

Lesh1y wrote: надеюÑ?ÑŒ прокатит за розу ;)

sihaybanda wrote: i cant really get this material to look like it does on your picture.. is it supposed to be applied to a sphere? what should be the uvw map, spherical also??

chandni wrote: icant belive wow thanks a lotttttttttt

chandni wrote: icant belive wow thanks a lotttttttttt

de_profundis wrote: Very nice rose... an excellent material... ;)

de_profundis wrote: Very nice rose... an excellent material... ;)

hajot wrote: just some work at shaft and soil, the flower ist great

aashiq_prince07 wrote: asdfas fasd fasf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf

aashiq_prince07 wrote: good

cg_hero wrote: im a new on this and trying to learn 3d max soon i will post some of my question. im using 3d max9 vray 1.5 thanks to all

sazismail wrote: dude...i'm gonna giv ya 10 for originality and complexity, wkd material!

yuko wrote: Very nice!

xvid27 wrote: nice work

vicolein wrote: Very nice.

emre83 wrote: good

ravanova wrote: fantastisch!

sanchog wrote: Amazing, great, fantastic!!!

randy sandiya wrote: Kembali ke..............

reinoks wrote: so nice flower !!

omp2k1 wrote: err... how da hell... it's Awesome!

Magic wrote: WOW

soulsurf101182 wrote: SUPER MEGA Work!

Pirog123 wrote: AMAAAZIIIIING!!!!!!! AA!!! xD!! THIS IS GREAT WORK!!!!!!!

metalking wrote: Wow that looks great! Nice job ;)

Aamnesia wrote: nice!

_Lightbulb_ wrote: Nice job! :o-)

bzika wrote: I like your organic stuff! Well done!

megiddo wrote: looks very nice

squalo wrote: really awesome displacement, congratulations

P4VV37 wrote: (0_0) Good!

P4VV37 wrote: (0_0) Good!

BICKI wrote: cool stuff:)

tbozzio wrote: 3

maxcat wrote: nice

lilstarfish wrote: Amazing material sfrey =D

MentalVray wrote: AMAZING. Levui is jealous I believe?

Banshee wrote: cool mat and creative idea !!

alamiyassine wrote: 10

Flamboyant wrote: beautifull!!!

jonnybefree wrote: great one!

nalhea wrote: very very good

capp wrote: jea, it is ! the most interesting point is that the leaves looks like as they are extruded and then bent a little bit, but that is impossible with displacement. its an eye illusion. i will go and eat my shoes now. ;-) congrats !

Makateri wrote: great!

Marco wrote: @Capp: The left side looks a little different BUT the rest fits quite good. So I think this is really good work :D

robert3 wrote: so he truly is the God of displacement...

capp wrote: add : the mat from the leaves looks great ! forgot to mention it in my last post. but rework the bottom please !

capp wrote: @marco your testrender looks as the same ? phew ! the shader itself dont looks really realistic, and i dont like the bottom-ground. But the displacement (if this is true) is one of the greatest i ever saw ! respect !

Marco wrote: @ Levui, give ONE reason for your voting!!!

Marco wrote: There was no scene modification - I just tested the MAT-File.

capp wrote: @sfrey yes, please.- malte.lauinger@gmail.com - i dont believe that this might be displacement, because the leaves looks like bended. and its too clean. but if this is truly displaced, you will get 10 points from me !!!

sfrey wrote: @capp: the leaves are done with displacement with a noised radial gradient. I can send you the material if you want.

winbrid1 wrote: aa

lztxwd wrote: so nice~~~~

capp wrote: meant God of displacement

capp wrote: ah, and if you now say this is made over displacement, then i eat not only my shoes, but also kneel down in front of you, because you are the good of displacement ! :-X

capp wrote: i dont think that this shader will be accepted for the contest, because you changed the main-geometry, or you added leaf geometry. i had the same idea, but cant made it because of the contest rules :-( dont missunderstand me, the shader is absolutly beautiful, and one of my favor !!! very good work. but if this one will be accepted for the contest, i want more time to make another material with my own geometry. :-)

robert3 wrote: WOW

Dominik.Martinez wrote: beat me to it!

Marco wrote: HOLY SHIAT! I mean THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!

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