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 Electronic Microscope

  Electronic Microscope by jojo1975

Category Special Effects
Date 2006-11-17 00:35:46
Rendertime 00:04:19
System Amd Athlon X2 4200 2 Gb ram
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Vray Self Illuminating all procedural electronic microscope material. I can assure that bacteria seen with a SEM look like this ;)

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kjiflrf wrote: when i open this mtllib it looks like tons of differents materials and there is no this one

Skips wrote: Thanks ;)

bareboy wrote: Thank You!!!!

reddrug1 wrote: thank you!!

elizar wrote: very ideal specimen!

timevans92 wrote: Simply Amazing!

Mister-M wrote: Just what I needed, thx for this great material :D Maarten,

Mister-M wrote: Just what I needed, thx for this great material :D Maarten,

diegomedinadenis wrote: very nice

EbolaVirus wrote: nice....

faatnntaaf wrote: Does anyone know why when i apply a material it doesn't show up how it is supposed to. Please PM me you wont regret it :)

esesoio wrote: looks really cool!!!!

ulliana07 wrote: Excellent material 10 plus 10 more

ulliana07 wrote: Excellent material 10 plus 10 more

noire wrote: looks like leather

deny87 wrote: perfect

net_ralf wrote: Load the mat file and set incompatible to enables then you will see the mat better called VraySEM :)

titso wrote:'s just materials that comes with 3ds max

pietras_25 wrote: First time i used it !!!!! PERFECT 10/10

ysabel wrote: genial

Meklon wrote: Thanks a lot. Wonderful material.

DarkTanis wrote: WOW. 10. Superb.

n00b wrote: fantastic!

chandni wrote: excellent

mansLon wrote: nice

jojo1975 wrote: @bazuke ok but dont' give a 0 for that !

bazuka wrote: would be nice if u could remove from this mat lib shaders that u dont need!!!!

dztronic wrote: incredible!

sanchog wrote: Very good effect. Great!

ravenraven wrote: realy cool effect

PDesign wrote: it's what we see in electronic microscope :)

jojo1975 wrote: @bozar 88 yes it is .. you're wellcome :)

bozar88 wrote: is it inverted falloff map? looks great :D I always wanted to create something like this

japamoto wrote: good idea, nice work

jojo1975 wrote: Hay catcot_81, at least leave a comment of why giving a 3 ;)

jojo1975 wrote: @MIneNow, send me the link of the project when finished I will be happy to se it :)

MineNow wrote: This texture will come in very handy for an upcoming project. Terrific work.

jojo1975 wrote: @ memoriam, a russian friend of mine has translated for me my message.. so I hope that you succeded with your professors :)

Memoriam wrote: Как начинающий нанотехнолог, могу сказать тебе огромное нанонистическое списиба! Завтра прикалюсь над профессорами:)!

Flatshader wrote: you´re right, this look is very similar to a real EM-Picture.

jojo1975 wrote: @Banshee Thanks ! I unchecked the Environment map and decrease value of both reflection and refraction environment to 0.2

Banshee wrote: moved it to _special effects_ because of the completely changed scene. Makes sense I think =) Nice material by the way :-)

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