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 Stool Sample

  Stool Sample by Mark_Noland

Category Food
Date 2006-11-16 00:49:42
Rendertime 00:33:47
System Dell 2X Pentium D 3GHz.
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Replace nutty material with your own non-digestibles.

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iysar wrote: so nice

burlynomad wrote: Best. Material. Ever. We need a less glossy version for a dried out sample. ;p

Mark_Noland wrote: It was food.

AssassinXcrosS wrote: This is disgusting .. and WHY is it in food o.O?

jellyjoker wrote: looks like shit, that's a good thing.

tguytn03 wrote: Mmmmm!

koii123 wrote: good work, wetter is better !!

lillianfaith wrote: Oh, yuck! Oh what a shitty thing... 10 + :)

djdesign wrote: You need more fibre. The kind shown is hard to digest.

jameson63926 wrote: I'm gonna use this as a chocolate texture for school

_BlackWoLF_ wrote: ahaha ))) so nice )

refrainer wrote: i can still see some almonds and nuts

Pho wrote: D'oh!

Valensi wrote: I can almost smell it

nightlord wrote: great

jodapiento wrote: good a two purpose material in both realistic ways!!! 10 points , but it should be 20!

Mark_Noland wrote: 6 points, Hey Jomin, i don't see you making any shit! LOL

byetore wrote: yummy!

papatd wrote: Very funny and excellent work !!!!

ferretallica wrote: Very funny... it makes some scenes look pretty gross.

uplink_svk wrote: poop? :)

jurgemeister wrote: shit! srsly this is good shit :P

bugibye wrote: and comment is best thing..."Replace nutty material with your own non-digestibles."

dennispang2007 wrote: I can't help but imagine -- you must have a piece of "sample" in front of you when you create this material.... It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. Thanks! Excellent work!

sparkweb wrote: good job ... oh sh... :-D

byetore wrote: Thanks, just what i needed.

tom182 wrote: hmm, when will i ever use, are they peanuts?

jccloutier wrote: greatest material ever but i can't get the scale of it to look like the sample

nakulchauhan wrote: frankly it appears more like mud. I think Mark should study shit more closely to make this material more shit-like.... he he he...

bagatelo wrote: I don't know if I give to this zero or ten points, but is very interesting. Ekka!!!!

gian.xt wrote: HAHA Very funny!!!

arbusya wrote: :)

arbusya wrote: it's a shit?

kjs3435 wrote: It's like real mud

arevulopapo wrote: "Thank you very much for this nice material! The Vray-Materials.de Team" :D

arevulopapo wrote: "Thank you very much for this nice material! The Vray-Materials.de Team" :D

ButterNinja wrote: Needs corn... pretty likely to cause viewers to make their own vomit materials

kasl wrote: just like grandma used to make!

blanktarget wrote: This material is really gross, so you did a great job!

Meklon wrote: Really disgusting... Maybe the next step of your art will be the vomit material?))

axisllc wrote: nice chunks!!!!!

hanafosgogo wrote: thanks~ berrygood

droot wrote: ow shit :D

goldensox wrote: ewwwwwwwwwww pretty disgusting but so incredibly real! worth a 10!

Mark_Noland wrote: Hi Polymorph: when i originally uploaded this shader you were credited. I pulled all of my shaders off. I was asked if I could put them back, I did so but I forgot to re-credit you in my description of the file. My apologies.

fa-mo wrote: thanks

n00b wrote: looks tasty

axisllc wrote: This looks like crap.

polymorph wrote: Basicaly it's an etic matter, take the idea of the materials of the others, buy please don't copy paste...

polymorph wrote: Well, good, material, but at least you could put my name on Comment of the mat :_( , because it's based my "mud material". Not very original... Please play fair!

mujeeb wrote: Hi, its ver good and creative if you can possible show some chickpiece, chilli and especialy light smoke also....Hi

studion wrote: More de tails so more render time but cool ,so better try in 8held prossesors

bennee wrote: I can almost smell it

sugi (BANNED) wrote: lol! Nice mat! hahaha

miweiler wrote: yeah thats really shit ;))

lucasson wrote: This material is sh**... litterally. great job!. 10

chandni wrote: ya it dam hard work

pigloo wrote: Love the nuts and stuff

otas32 wrote: I'd rather imagine it's caramel with peanuts, than the intended effect... UGH!.. I give it a 10

empanah wrote: Shit i can even smell it

TheAxeGrinder wrote: Absolutely disgusting, and I LOVE it! Great job!

sazismail wrote: funny shit indeed, lol :-) looks like edible chocolate, hehe

Jael wrote: :D funny sh**!!!

goldshadow1 wrote: Very creative!! Gross, but very clever indeed. I give it a 10 and....is that peanuts in the stool? I think I'm going to be sick.

lu-vegas wrote: looks brill...chocolate finger anyone !

bogdan_jr wrote: this is a mix of food done by the stomach blender . I can distinguish some

bogdan_jr wrote: this is a mix of food done by the stomach blender . I can distinguish some

octopus7 wrote: oh no fat bastard left a floater!

TheJackal wrote: Wow someone had to do it, at least some thought has gone into it, you definitely know what you are doing. Where's the sweetcorn tho lol

ghostcat wrote: yyish, but good. could be usefull for some scenes

flexc wrote: nasty but good at the same time!!

noob-saibot wrote: looks tasty! lol

petteer wrote: EWW! Disgusting! :)

philhxc wrote: are those peanuts? gross.. but great material!

Mark_Noland wrote: same to you. LOL

lancasteryuen wrote: good shit!!!

lancasteryuen wrote: good shit!!!

error wrote: huunm! =D

stationmiek wrote: haha ! Superb!

_Lightbulb_ wrote: Mmmhh! :o)

luckan wrote: oh shit!

bahloul wrote: la texture est assez kakateuse mais assez réaliste bravo!

yot3210 wrote: jusus !!

Banshee wrote: LOL @ food ;-))

Mark_Noland wrote: Notice the category is now Food and not Organic. ;-_

RayOfLight wrote: gross!

Banshee wrote: Chocolate with nuts!!! =D

Dominik.Martinez wrote: the orginal!..yes....

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