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 Icy Snow

  Icy Snow by Mark_Noland

Category Liquid
Date 2006-11-15 23:18:26
Rendertime 00:43:46
System Dell 2X Pentium D 3GHz.
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Crispy ice, frozen rain, or even broken safety glass

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elnur79 wrote: hello

thechrisman wrote: thanks

DinoPham wrote: thank

kabam2786 wrote: Amazing!!!

kokuw wrote: Great!

ghane wrote: Thanks

rothkoksm wrote: Thanks

msvera wrote: thankx

yung198011 wrote: thank you

luchosoto wrote: great!

israa qafisheh wrote: cool

figurist wrote: 1

freakyyyy wrote: Awesome!!!!

hotgrafx wrote: Looks great! *love*

kolo_loko wrote: Great material, really.. awesome

huynhnea wrote: Thank you!

animokrish wrote: keep going dude...

yepai85 wrote: cool

mymin5356 wrote: good

yepai85 wrote: cool !!!!!

Adrio999 wrote: Wow... Like It!!! :) Thank You!

saramandaia wrote: very nice material !

abdodarwesh wrote: thanks

corven wrote: Thanks is great

corven wrote: Thanks is great

winterchill wrote: great one....will use it

miguelmk wrote: thank's a lot !

lolko77 wrote: Thanks

onderb wrote: really good but too much render time

creatrix wrote: cool...

zanza85 wrote: beautiful

chandni wrote: great

Angels1928 wrote: Looks a lot like shaved ice :)

kemeral wrote: This is sooooooooo cool mat.

pablopezh wrote: great job

adelsanoussi wrote: this is excelent

Smart wrote: I saw that you used SSS on this mat, but apparently it doesn't works :) To enable it you must add glossiness to refraction and non-white fog color. Anyway with displacement it looks cool :)

_Lightbulb_ wrote: Great ! :o-)

stationmiek wrote: I like it, looks simple but nice ... brrr

jojo1975 wrote: Cool :) and cold

neverdie wrote: great mat thanx

cryptocid wrote: снежог :)

capp wrote: WOW ! Crunch-ice ! looks really coool !

MentalVray wrote: superb

RayOfLight wrote: looks good!

Flatshader wrote: great

Banshee wrote: I love this one really.

Dominik.Martinez wrote: im getting a brain freeze just looking at it....

martincito wrote: Really nice!

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