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Tempered Glass

  Tempered Glass by wedge

Category Glass
Date 2006-08-30 23:28:52
Rendertime 00:03:25
System AMD Athlon XP 1700+ 512Mb Ram
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Tempered Glass for doors and windows

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yogurdepera wrote: perfect

hds_nijel wrote: gracias por tu aporte =) me ayudo mucho

sheroo007 wrote: thank

pankpavan wrote: Thank You

fik3023 wrote: Thank You

bokh wrote: thks

schreck wrote: Awesome, thanks a lot mate!!

katysha wrote: Beautiful perfect! Thank you :D

abdtrz wrote: thanks

ciel313 wrote: goog

Engel_mb wrote: buen acabado

nyazgan wrote: 10 =)

jorcara777 wrote: Good!

이진혁 wrote: good

NatalyGC wrote: muy útil, gracias

erwinreycayanan wrote: nise

architekton interior wrote: nies

JUPASE wrote: Great job, I hope to learn how to make materials like this! Thanks!!! :D

JUPASE wrote: Great job, I hope to learn how to make materials like this! Thanks!!! :D

treats wrote: GREAT

nawaphong wrote: Thank :)

sararrr wrote: merci beaucoup!

mortician666 wrote: chido

diego123 wrote: rated this material with 8 Points

pranab501 wrote: 10

jerry24 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

edhoblink wrote: We ask you to treat people in the same way you would like to be treated. Please do not vote down materials for no reason. We do not want to ban users permanently.

edhoblink wrote: una chimba

tukol_kareng wrote: the edge not green..

RodC wrote: another by Wedge

aerdnsinoda wrote: 9 points!

Tim01 wrote: Very nice. Worked well as a glass table top.

lazaro wrote: Veeeery nice!

DJ_AZKO wrote: NICE!!

beck004 wrote: otimo material, 10 pontos

illinoth wrote: helped me alot to make a cool fx bullet =)

fra.indra wrote: wonderfull

kingwahhaha wrote: cool

TETSTUDIOes wrote: it's superb

grespigna flavio wrote: Grazie.

daltim wrote: thanks

agent7 wrote: thank 4 da materials!

bimario wrote: i love it.. thanks

AngelWitch wrote: tnx

lolko77 wrote: Nice work

mozartica wrote: Great Work! THX!

john83 wrote: thanks

mantresd wrote: exelente el material, muy real la absorsion de luz

katerina wrote: thank you

fa-mo wrote: thank you

bagira wrote: Thanks, bravo!

umam wrote: wow,thanx. How if 10 points?

sm.caifen wrote: nice

jabberwock wrote: nice work. thanks

Eric072691 wrote: Just what I was looking for.

mouzaco wrote: very, very good. Thanks

JUNSUYUN wrote: thank you

JUNSUYUN wrote: thank you

denwmedia wrote: Truely an awsome display of material knowledge and visual exalence

vinayphadtare wrote: 8

lazous wrote: woow

macartson wrote: very good. i liked

joseluisvargas223 wrote: Really nice!!

D000242 wrote: Just what I was looking for.

devicox wrote: Very high quality. Looks terrific!

h0stile wrote: its a very interesting detail...thanks

vurto10 wrote: great material thks

xavalon wrote: thank you so much. Great glass mat.

masmiko wrote: thx alot...

paolo wrote: ok

ZelvaBOi wrote: good for my viz - big glass windows with specific reflections

hahaball wrote: thx a lot

lzanlorenzi wrote: thank´s so much... it´s beatyfull glass

Rianshima wrote: super great nice color

CADinho wrote: simple and great!

maseo wrote: great (car) glass!

monique_1984 wrote: A great Idea! I love this page!

visualride wrote: Thanks!

Levui wrote: sorry find...

Levui wrote: many mat in file... that Tempered Glass ?

artysmedia wrote: De estos son los que hacen falta

juxtm wrote: cool mat.. thnx!

dogol wrote: Cool

小耗子 wrote: Thanks!!!:)

rx7 wrote: thx

voltron7 wrote: Wow! Nice material, thank you

Jophus wrote: Nice glass material.

Banshee wrote: Guys, please do NOT modify the scene-settings, the light or the materials other than the Main-Material for the sampleobject. Thanks a lot! :-)

dogimo wrote: gr8 job :) thx

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