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fabric Knoll Wool Red

  fabric Knoll Wool Red by Mark_Noland

Category Cloth
Date 2006-11-15 02:49:25
Rendertime 00:04:27
System Dell 4X Pentium D 3GHz.
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment The name says it all

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filipogo wrote: thank you!

yavorV wrote: thanks for sharing

2xbong wrote: thanks for sharing

katysha wrote: Beautiful perfect! Thank you :D

codeblack wrote: MERCI :)

IR0MANI wrote: Thanx!

schreck wrote: Thank you very much, this so damn cool material

m85 wrote: many thanx

angelopap wrote: rated this material with 10 points

Cris van Dam wrote: nice material

sunnymonterey wrote: Thanks!

lynoberry wrote: good

bathilde wrote: ghhg

AmadeusOrestes wrote: si parece lana lo estaba buscando gracias

ottacore wrote: nice

LaurentGina wrote: Great work.

annamarina wrote: thank you mate!

iammohan wrote: nice post! plz post a mtrl which culd replace fur :)

alexH wrote: Respect!!

Vi wrote: Almost perfect

disya75 wrote: big thanx

anTonis wrote: beauuuutiful thanx

h417451361 wrote: These materials provided by friends, thank you very much!

JHalton wrote: Excellent - And a well known brand to boot!

andrewtric wrote: like it very much...thanks Mark and the details of the wool is very real.

fa-mo wrote: thanks for map

chandni wrote: good

dmacb wrote: Great! Just what I needed for my carpet... THANKS!!!

naseemurahman wrote: Thankx a lot...very nice matterial

the maxy wrote: Thanks alot my dear ..

roni wrote: feel it!

hegazi_arc wrote: nice one

lipaddong wrote: goooooood

Dominik.Martinez wrote: dooope

martincito wrote: nice

seventik wrote: 9

prawy2 wrote: Fine - I have to try it to my Masquote

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