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 Drifty Snow

  Drifty Snow by Mark_Noland

Category Liquid
Date 2006-11-15 02:31:15
Rendertime 00:06:15
System Dell 5X Pentium D 3GHz.
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment It's back up now...

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serhanahmet wrote: link doesnt work :(

Stiletto wrote: good

Graham3D wrote: This looks fantastic But the download isn't working

Graham3D wrote: This looks fantastic

bedevix wrote: verry good

bedevix wrote: verry good

bedevix wrote: thank you

alx18889 wrote: If link also broken for you download the other snow material byMark noland "don't eat the yellow snow" and just edit out the piss stains

alx18889 wrote: It's a shame the link doesn't work.. really liked this material

bornaaeen wrote: coool

zubairahmed7 wrote: coooooooooooooooollll

zubairahmed7 wrote: haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

joseppaga wrote: Coool

Loeffl_Pwn wrote: link isn´t working :(

shplvk1 wrote: !

shiffa wrote: the link does not work :(

jmejias wrote: thank you!

shinsb93 wrote: good

coco12liso34 wrote: txks

jmfructu wrote: nice

idtdi wrote: good,thanks a lot

Banshee wrote: If you have problems downloading it, right click and save / download.

kabam2786 wrote: Looks good <3

Halah wrote: nice

Halah wrote: nice

maxi-miranda wrote: Link is broken?

iulian1207 wrote: good

osveh0heidari wrote: Coooool

osveh0heidari wrote: ????

sunil4uvray wrote: Can't download this one, link to a weird page.....

ernesto0335 wrote: thanks, it is nice

Kr0no wrote: Can't download this one, link to a weird page.....

kyoo225 wrote: good work

kabam2786 wrote: Awesome!!!

kabam2786 wrote: Awesome!!!

kabam2786 wrote: Awesome!!!

pashak wrote: cool

sunil4uvray wrote: nice

dvrayc3 wrote: good

mmsArkitekt wrote: 1

amithsana wrote: awsome

kokuw wrote: thanx

just4materials wrote: Thank's a lot!

akhikyan wrote: Amazing!)

yichen wrote: Thanks! Cool snow material.

darren2404 wrote: Is this material still available?

lukana8 wrote: perfect ! :)

tuneboy13 wrote: Thanks! Cool snow material.

rarachar wrote: highly appreciate for upload

s9160920 wrote: thanks~

Marvin JK wrote: Thanks, very nice snow!

simomaro wrote: genial !!

octy wrote: esta genial!

nereus wrote: Thanks for offering this material

glhind wrote: looks nice, will it haRM MY COMPUTER???

yndd9 wrote: Thank you soooo much! Looks so soft!

Zolee08 wrote: Not working for me! when i render it, just appear a white texture. What is the problem?

Zolee08 wrote: Not working for me! when i render it, just appear a white texture. What is the problem?

AlterAdam wrote: Thanks)

Nathaphon wrote: cool

Vizcatz wrote: I am not sure of this material - It seems to have a strange download and not as the others. Be carefull.

fratermalou wrote: very nice

ahtoh6681 wrote: thanks very nice

angelvolador wrote: thanks very nice

marijadoric wrote: Nice!

3DMikey wrote: Nice shader_TNx

3DMikey wrote: Nice shader_TNx

3DMikey wrote: Nice shader_TNx

ayan.applita wrote: nice

fariafrank wrote: very nice

jiawenliang wrote: wow! nice

NuuB49 wrote: Thank's a lot ;)

claron580 wrote: good

sa3ed abd elnaby wrote: اتتلال

cingizjan wrote: sc

fariafrank wrote: Thank's a lot.

fumba wrote: sc

kobataro wrote: this ca be used as soap as well!!! great shader!!!

renderice wrote: great snow folk

zeppelin68 wrote: looks great

pablish80 wrote: hi, when i click on the download link it downloads a .doc am i doing something wrong?

satyanreddyg wrote: whats the light setup to be used to get this

upexna wrote: wowowowowo superr

perbalay22 wrote: Nice mat, but cant get something like the preview here. I get red reflections (rainbow thing) and not sparks from shiny glossinness :((( any suggestion?

perbalay22 wrote: Nice mat, but cant get something like the preview here. I get red reflections (rainbow thing) and not sparks from shiny glossinness :((( any suggestion?

giorgiojazz86 wrote: I can't import it... I see nothing in my map browser! why? someone can help me?

mennows wrote: To bad i can't use it with Vray for c4d

dadudas wrote: super.

huynhnea wrote: Thank you!

itg wrote: YEEEEAH!!!

amadoR wrote: It's lovely. Thanks.

mickey-borut wrote: perfect snow, congratulations

~L~ wrote: seams nice

Marty_McFly wrote: Thanks for this material... it's really great!

meshsam wrote: thank u

RAYfighter wrote: BEST snow here by far man!

kvazi wrote: What's with the rainbow reflection?

Adrio999 wrote: Thank You! :) Perfect material!

brauliox wrote: Excellent! great Job!

Gerbacio wrote: I gotta say... this material is perfect. Congrats Mark!

Ambrozoom3D wrote: Thanks a lot. Great material

marian152 wrote: wow...this is very realistic....unbelievable...

freedd008 wrote: i'm glad there is a site like this one.... God Bless to you all

toulouse2k wrote: Dirty snow is more intereating

paulwesley222 wrote: Lovely, and very helpful too. Thanks

ikok wrote: good

3dsMoritz wrote: Brilliant! thank you very much.

Jaktavia wrote: Was looking to download this material, but when I download, I get a Microsoft Office Access Table Shortcut file. Is this supposed to be vismat? The preview of the material looks great.

Raina wrote: like that. =)

wardancer wrote: great

STAMOS wrote: no mat from this link, a broken source code opens....

stef622 wrote: Looks very cool.

raindear wrote: nice

DonTridente wrote: Muy bueno muchacho.

inkimiaei wrote: very good

pastor.pastor wrote: excellent shader

demetrik wrote: 10+

min ha jo wrote: The best material !!!

leztratox wrote: Muy chido el material-nieve felicidades

rodz wrote: perfect!!

lolko77 wrote: Great work. Thanks

annusha wrote: very very very

TooZyk wrote: Very good work, and really useful.

israel303 wrote: goos

pilareta wrote: rated this material with 8pts

WebSter wrote: Great!

creatrix wrote: nice... 8points

tomerk242 wrote: Cool material !! Congratulations

marcorincon wrote: asombroso,,, :)

aliaszz wrote: can you resave it for max6?. thksz

saijman wrote: неплохо

tiens wrote: very good

muteepatataski wrote: Cra-zy ! thank you so much

littleprince000 wrote: Thanks a lot

littleprince000 wrote: Thanks a lot

adik wrote: 8 points

mmalachy wrote: superb! Thanks Mark.

Felix-Op wrote: so realistic!!!

EquiNOX wrote: Thanks

arminx wrote: cool

n00b wrote: its snow time! THX 4 MAT

yeca_soul wrote: I can not use it, every time I try closing my max

moromoro2 wrote: veryy good!!

semphony wrote: best snow ever

jkburton wrote: Great material!

rKy wrote: your materials rulz thanks for all of them

TheClown wrote: Incredible!

luciferoth wrote: Perfect!

max-3d wrote: Thx

AlekzZz wrote: hua... this is snow!!!

Pirog123 wrote: real snow! believe me- i'm living in Russia =D

photoleon wrote: Excellent!

shtrlz wrote: ух Ñ‚Ñ‹. клаÑ?Ñ?ный Ñ?нежок...

denzo wrote: take 10 from me ! really nice!

Mark_Noland wrote: @ Lightbulb High F....ive!

_Lightbulb_ wrote: Very n...ice ! :o-)

le.viking wrote: I can't open it with max 7 :-(

le.viking wrote: I can't open it with max 7 :-(

stealth76 wrote: very realistic...good work

neverdie wrote: 10 points

chveti wrote: brilliant :)

nomex wrote: Great work! Thx

martincito wrote: Great!

Mark_Noland wrote: :-O Thanks

stilgarna wrote: Impressive...

Ghost_fx wrote: The best snow in this site ;]

capp wrote: Hi Noland ! welcome back, missed you ! nice shader ! maybe a little to much sparkle

noouch wrote: deja vu... i spent nearly a half an hour looking for this one yesterday.

Astorias wrote: like it very much

MentalVray wrote: best snow so far I´ve ever seen.

Flatshader wrote: YEAH. Good old Mark with a comeback. ;)

Banshee wrote: Hi Mark! =) GOOD to have you back on board mate! ;-) Thought we had lost you...

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