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  Purplex by noouch

Category SSS Special
Date 2006-11-14 18:16:10
Rendertime 00:07:06
System Intel Core2 Duo 6700
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Don't know if anything like this occurs naturally... Could be red wax with a blue coating with a bit of imagination ;)

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louaikaati wrote: download link doesnt work

tavshh wrote: Great

XIIF wrote: now working. obsidan vray mat...

pablopezh wrote: Wrong material

agin wrote: nice

Nullity wrote: Was not the material displayed.

Danecko wrote: ta pajita d=D

nino77b wrote: The material contained in the lib is not the one displayed here :(

auris wrote: wrong material :(

rlondero wrote: thanks

1983nightcrawler wrote: nice effect though..

BetaX wrote: you're giving the wrong material

boro_23 wrote: =)

gatogonzalez2009 wrote: Will anyone post on how to get this working or fixxed' using VRay.Advanced v1.50 sp4 for 3dsMax2010' anyone got a clue' i get just a black shiny orb? Look's nice...

magnolo wrote: it is not the right material, it is just a vray standart with refl and refr???

demmaone wrote: Please, correct the material, thanks.

tom182 wrote: THis is not the material that is shown, black shiny "Obsidian" please upload correct material

mihaius wrote: please upload the right material

mihaius wrote: dude why is this black?

rober_vray wrote: wrong material

nnq2603 wrote: Upload wrong file or something lack in setting...

mk1995 wrote: real nice look~!....

fredX wrote: I got also the black "obsidian " material :(

donjapo wrote: No seria tan obvio en el nombre. Lo llamaria Pumpiplex o algo asi.

shakur wrote: not working :/

tommy3d wrote: It´s great

tommy3d wrote: It´s great

Lesak wrote: sorry but it doesnt work =(

coboman wrote: Material is not working for me. It opens a material called "obsidian" that is black and has all parameters in white.

jorginho wrote: good

bagaj wrote: doesn't work. It downloads a material called "obsidian" which is all black and shiny, quite different from the thumbnail posted here...

jabarilikewo wrote: I like it - i'll tweak it just a bit for my purposes, but very nice.

robles wrote: it doesnt work!

CHRiTTeR wrote: Material isnt in download??? Material in download is something called 'obsedian' but it aint obsedian either, lol... pls fix it :)

photoleon wrote: very realistic effect!

audiohominis wrote: The roughness is an especially nice touch…

perky_pop wrote: it doesnt work :'(

madD wrote: sweet! :)

itg wrote: nice

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