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 Glass (Procedural) Red with golden Ornaments

  Glass (Procedural) Red with golden Ornaments by Banshee

Category Glass
Date 2006-11-14 14:46:52
Rendertime 01:36:00
System Dual Intel 3 GHz
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Hi there,

a fully procedural (no textures) red glass with golden ornaments. I´ve got some nice arabian tea-glasses at home and tried to imitate the design ;-)
Of course you can also blend between other materials and make it wood and metal or something like that.

I used a very fine displacement here (edge-length 1 pix) so the rendertime was quite high. Without the displacement the material renders in a few minutes.Just drag the blend-map into the vray displacement slot.

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Mad_Lo wrote: Why can't I download the material? as I try to do so, the page loads some scripts and changes website :(

devil_777 wrote: ty

msvera wrote: thankx

msvera wrote: thankx

schreck wrote: Awesome, thanks a lot mate!!

Onix wrote: Excellent!

kos3d wrote: Bravo. Thanks for sharing

uturn wrote: cool

Elana123 wrote: Amazing!

ikaru wrote: beautiful

baycom wrote: perfect 10 points

apple_muncher24 wrote: Zomg lol this material is teh best ever.. like really, up there with that city one:) congrats on being pro at vray

fa-mo wrote: thank you

Ramazoti wrote: amaizing thank

chandni wrote: ccoolllllllllllllllll

rgb wrote: nice one bro i like it lots

ghostcat wrote: thx for idea. Look for inlaid wood with gold ornament, and leave comment. once again thx

rmejia wrote: Fully procedural ! Very impressive !

Banshee wrote: Sure, you can combine as many materials as you want. Simply choose the glas for example, klick on blend again and make it a new blend-material. Then you can blend the blend-material again...and again... and again. Just keep in mind that it will render AGES then.

Espie1979 wrote: unbelievable!!! this material is outstanding. Is it possible to have more than 2 materials like a series of glass mosaic tiles?

LevaLeva wrote: i found out my posting probl;em: that was Apostrophe :)

Dominik.Martinez wrote: cool beans

Banshee wrote: ;-)

Dominik.Martinez wrote: damn it..i ment to give it a 9

Banshee wrote: Just in case some people are wondering what´s going on with the restored-votings in the last couple of days - the whole system runs automatically now, excessive downvoting (some users are even using scripts to vote down all materials) has become impossible now and downvoters like z-buffer and others are automatically banned, their votings are restored. So it could well be that some global rankings have changed in the last 48 hours. Well - it´s the _hard_ way but we believe it´s the best one to make sure no one spoils the fun of the _real_ users.

Marco wrote: architect_man was caught by our script and banned because of excessive downvoting. Thanks.

Astorias wrote: @architect_man: 10 is the best rating, 0 the worst. A _1_ for something like this makes me believe that you must be truly a Material-Master!!! Show us something from you then ;-)

Flatshader wrote: great stuff. Basically a simple material but very creative.

CADinho wrote: Great Banshee ! as usual ! 10_10

Sildo Loron wrote: Yeah, sixty style vom feinsten*g*

Magic wrote: Nice material and a beautiful pattern.

adryancyc wrote: wow...

Jophus wrote: You are the GOD of materials.

Jophus wrote: You are the GOD of materials.

Banshee wrote: The long rendertime actually only comes from the fine displacement. Use a bump-map and you´ll be fine :) Shouldn´t take longer than 10-15 minutes then. ;)

noouch wrote: nice procedural. shame it renders so long...

Mirko wrote: WOW!!! Incredible!!!

Banshee wrote: =) Yes of course it´s a mirrored swirl map with minimum details, so the swirl is basically black_white. The mirror-option makes the pattern interlinked - experiment with the center-values for really cool effects or mask the swirl with another swirl for almost tribal-like patterns.

capp wrote: WOW ! Did you used the swirl map to make the nice spiral ornaments ? very beautiful !

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