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  Patchwork by jojo1975

Category Cloth
Date 2006-11-14 00:30:29
Rendertime 00:09:20
System AMD Athlon X2 4200 2 Gb Ram
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment tileable patchwork. Texture find in google image and then photoshopped to make tileable. Vary Displacement to obtain different Results

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NANI wrote: nice

7rodrigo7 wrote: Nevermind; im stupid hahahah, I've found it.

7rodrigo7 wrote: Please help!

7rodrigo7 wrote: Doesn't work to me. It appears lots of materials, but not the "patch" one. Anyone help me?!

7rodrigo7 wrote: Doesn't work to me. It appears lots of materials, but not the "patch" one. Anyone help me?!

ajithks wrote: wow

ajithks wrote: wow

Bryan1998 wrote: Does not work. Matlib is empty. ZERO!!

yassinebeam wrote: Good.

greg6666 wrote: very good

mihaius wrote: very good looking, not so useful though.

sanay wrote: hih perfecttt

FreakofNature wrote: Stylish,well done,and thanks...

ruisu wrote: kool

h417451361 wrote: These materials provided by friends, thank you very much!

wanderpsp wrote: great

leozitro wrote: very good....

gilbaert wrote: great

blanktarget wrote: Amazing, I've never been able to make a good believable fabric such as this.

a.ge wrote: great!

a.ge wrote: great!

tr0nik wrote: SUPER!!! проÑ?то превоÑ?ходно! great!

manuelmanuel wrote: most impressive

titso wrote: impressive but why do people repost the same material over and over again?

photoleon wrote: Perfect!

Maximus wrote: Really good!!!!!

fa-mo wrote: thank you good

nevermore89 wrote: PERFECT, it looks so real :)

afirami wrote: very very very nice

enigmaenigma wrote: wow!!! il put this material in my room!! thanks

mibelgue wrote: VERY good :)

Godfather wrote: Real life!

kikkonius wrote: WOW! Soft... very realistic-looking... too bad there's no touch-interface in MAX

sayko5 (BANNED) wrote: vay aq

chandni wrote: wow

semphony wrote: I could almost grab it with my hands,realistic convincing mat.great work,thank u

hajot wrote: very persuasive look, could have a wooden leg

kaf6 wrote: Well done

snow_blue_9 wrote: vvv

spline monkey wrote: Lovin this material

bluelemon wrote: Very like it!

Lixtetraxx wrote: Sorry i vote 8 but it deserve a big 10 m8

speedy wrote: very nice! it is a beautiful material

BilboX wrote: Excellent ! Very good job...

LexusRX007 wrote: I like It. Thenks!

3DCreator wrote: how cool!

Freedom wrote: WOW, awesome

elsaltamontes wrote: top ten.

x-space wrote: very funny..great!

Nogruin wrote: This is seriously the most realistic cloth i've ever seen!

carabea wrote: Really great job!

Mun wrote: Very nice work!

hegazi_arc wrote: COOooll

yot3210 wrote: nice move

Dominik.Martinez wrote: nice work

martincito wrote: Very nice!

Pavel Bugel wrote: I have just tried it on simlpe plane and damn. this is awesome.. really wonderful mat. thx.

zahir3d wrote: exellent mat!

Sildo Loron wrote: Cooooooool

Jophus wrote: This is one of the nicest textures on the site. Great feel to the material. Good Job.

capp wrote: very nice !

Flatshader wrote: good

Magic wrote: Has not seen a material, sorry. Only a texture on Diffuse_Bump slots.

adryancyc wrote: I like it very much. 10 for me

Banshee wrote: I LOVE this one!!! =) Great, thanks!

jojo1975 wrote: Thanks ;)

Bravefart wrote: Nice!

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