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 Beast-Pack 01 (4 different Shaders)

  Beast-Pack 01 (4 different Shaders) by Banshee

Category Organic
Date 2006-11-08 16:31:33
Rendertime 00:18:43
System 15.6 GHz DR
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Being an admin on this site I can´t REALLY participate in the "organic contest" (which is a shame as I´d love to!!)
You can still vote for these shaders but the votings will be ignored in the final decisions and will only have an effect on the highlights or the normal ratings. I can not win our own prices ;-)).

Nevertheless I want to CONTRIBUTE some shaders, actually a whole shader-pack consisting of 4 different shaders. There´s a Skin-Shader (Beast), a corresponding Fur-Shader (Beast) together with the Vray-Fur-Settings for the "fluffy fur", there´s an Eye-Shader (with a modelled eye, not just a flat sphere) and you´ll find a shader for claws and horns. As this scene is too complex to explain every setting, just download the zip-file (all textures and max-scene included). Some bitmaps were created by myself, some were found on the internet. Of course I know that I broke our own rules here by modifying more than the main-material (don´t try this at home ;-) ) but I wanted to share the eye-geometry because I sometimes read questions like "how do you create eyes with a "real" depth?"

Might be useful for some of you?

Have fun and come on... there are amazing prices waiting for you!!

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malik1997 wrote: love it

NARIZON wrote: Amazing...thank's a lot...

fereshte111 wrote: how can i use for maya?

JCTANNUS wrote: There so much details! Amazing!

willianvilarins wrote: 005

Skips wrote: thanks :)

freakyyyy wrote: nice!!!!!!!

veekay wrote: beautiful !

michal85d wrote: well creepy =]

lust wrote: lust 010203

anddreus wrote: .

alblea wrote: 10! best material

originaldonut wrote: Wow!!!!!!

Pure wrote: This is gorgeous! Thank you very much!

sebastopolo1 wrote: esta muy vacano gracias

miss vampire wrote: nice

rlondero wrote: wow

xakersubhan wrote: good

sooylee wrote: awesome

sooylee wrote: awesome

eXeCuze wrote: Thanks!

kreso wrote: i like it :) is look like a human affter chemotherapy

uturn wrote: cool

Faioguan wrote: Increible!

sivan2303 wrote: discusting :)

Naive wrote: awesome!!

Evilis wrote: COOOOLLL!

Evilis wrote: COOOOLLL!

mihaius wrote: dude, you are the best

ScionOfWar wrote: It.. it keeps looking at me!!! *shudders* So realistic it hurts inside. 10/10!

ChanceR0 wrote: i'd give this a 20/10

Seiryu wrote: cool eye = )

aryaarchitect wrote: good

aleks_see wrote: very cool!!! 100/10

zim69 wrote: Cool

geodesing wrote: BES MATERIAL 10 POINTS

cage-warp wrote: no comment :p

judderman wrote: lol, horrible. love it.

jarvart 2000 wrote: eeeeerr, that's disgusting, but a brilliant shader :)

Zaw wrote: AMAZING

Darkstar wrote: Amazing! What render setting using?

Cogu wrote: wow... i love it!!!

kingkonkaiser08 wrote: coo

PrinceRajput wrote: no wrdz....

smspigeon wrote: Wow Amazing I've just started using vray and this is inspirational. Fantastic 10/10

SgtSKU wrote: crazy! thx!

PunkGuy wrote: ups... i wanmted to add 10 points.. admins delet my rate plz!

vboyz wrote: woowww thnx

jerokiller wrote: Its awesome, the effects and everything, it looks pretty cool! good work!

andrei bittencourt wrote: Fantastic! Congratulations! Can be used for film feature, shure.

empanah wrote: W O W!

steevbh wrote: it is amazing one

anhduong wrote: i like it very much

microvision wrote: i like it very much

GyMaxx wrote: Its amazing!!

pablopezh wrote: Perfect!

AlekzZz wrote: O.o this is way too good...

Pirog123 wrote: AAAGH!!!! It's scares me!!! OMG!!! How did u do that!!! 50/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gato08 wrote: 10 points!!!!

raybill wrote: 很好,我喜欢

icrow wrote: Incredible, incredible... I'm just afraid that my computer would be too poor for it...

Lazyman_it wrote: rated this material with 8 Points

inline wrote: thanks thanks thanks thanks and thanks

rotav wrote: perfect thanks!!!!

MsX wrote: awesome, thank you!

idea123 wrote: very nice..I like it ..thank you..

jamme wrote: The realism is SUPERB!

giddyzhao wrote: 很好!感谢!

ghostcat wrote: i'm really impressed

sephysys wrote: amazing

RayOfLight wrote: this is what materials can do. Superb!!

Smart wrote: One of the best materials here ;)

darkplague wrote: excelent work! true creapy beast! The 9 value is a mistake, sorry, it is obviously 10!!! Great mat!

Pross wrote: echt spitze!

rawlplug wrote: wow, just wow

koji k wrote: nice 8

stationmiek wrote: Haha, it looks digusting!!!

Banshee wrote: @jojo1975: The site lost data, that´s right. We had to move with our server... it took quite some time to fix the site itself... sorry for any inconvenience caused :-(

jojo1975 wrote: @ banshee sorry but this is a way to contact... does the support form works :( ? what happened to the materials submitted in the last week.. some of them disapperare... and .. the Beast pack is cool !!

rmejia wrote: freaky

yuritelles wrote: Awesome! This is the winner for me...

balys1 wrote: nice!

cwf5feng wrote: vrey nice!!

must_1980 wrote: ITS PERFECT....

ydem1121 wrote: op

Ashra wrote: woow nice.

yot3210 wrote: arrrrrrrrrrrrr somehing eat my arm

Martincho wrote: 10.

Astorias wrote: lol what´s this?! Give him some arms please.

infogramas wrote: with this size i see, I can´t say no much about this material. It looks nice

hzm wrote: ;)

ubeyd wrote: good shader

Emerson4br wrote: hit 10!! Very nice!

hzm wrote: good

STEALTH666 wrote: supet!!!

RiQ wrote: Very nice one! Love it! Keep up the good work.

edgarq wrote: 10 points :)

infogramas wrote: It looks like pretty

jojo1975 wrote: Hope to download it soon ;)

finn wrote: great thank you from Russia!

Banshee wrote: Oh thanks, guys :-) @capp: As I said, this material comes with textures because the procedural version rendered ages. I have actually a procedural Iris, but this one is a selfmade texture and a vein-map together with a radial gradient blends the iris with the eye-ball, so you can modify both parts individually as well as the veins. You can basically switch between a monster-eye and a normal human eye by modifying the blend-values.

dogimo wrote: as always ur skills are again proved :) thx for sharing.

Mini_Filip wrote: Fantastic contribute! I am impressed Banshee! i gove you 10 for this!

capp wrote: ok, how you made the iris procedural ? :-o

method wrote: omfg good

maxor1986 wrote: Yey this is a very nice one... :D

FallenKnight wrote: Thank you so much banshee - i cant wait til the comp ends so i can download it :)

rcvl wrote: greate, 10 points :)

Slipknot wrote: Very nice!! LOTR Gloom Skin

alexmax3d wrote: ;.)

MilBarD wrote: saugeil

Thor wrote: nice!!!

Sildo Loron wrote: Totally Cooooool dark but beauty...

Banshee wrote: Thanks =) We have just extended the contest until Firday, 24.November. You will find some additional hints in the contest section. Modifications of the inner ball will be allowed if your shader consists of more than 1 material ;-)

voltron7 wrote: Wow, very real

Magic wrote: Very useful material for me.

mcdroncha wrote: hahahahaha greate

Mirko wrote: :-( )

robert3 wrote: ... awesome !

LevaLeva wrote: :) :) :)

jonnybefree wrote: haha, really nice!!!

capp wrote: as i said : the very best so far. ver good work !!!!!!

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